Gramai Alm - Lamsenjochhütte - Binsalm - Binssattel - Gramai Hochleger - Gramai Alm

Important Infomation

Route Length
12.5 km
Elevation Gain
1110 hm
Highest Point
1945 hm
Elevation Loss
1110 hm
Time Uphill
03:30 h
Time Downhill
03:00 h
Route Time Total
06:30 h
Starting Point: Pertisau, Gramai Alm
End Point: Pertisau, Gramai Alm
Route Type: Roundtrip

Elevation Profile


From the Gramai Alm, walk in the direction of the Lamsenjochhütte. Before you reach the mountain hut, turn right and follow the signpost “Binsalm”. From the Binsalm at 1,502 meters, the path leads back over the Binssattel (1,900 meters) to the Gramai Hochleger (1,756 meters, serviced) and finally to the starting point of the Gramai Alm. Allow about 3 hours walking time for the way back.