Eagle Walk Stage O9: Stüdlhütte - Lucknerhaus

Important Infomation

Route Length
11 km
Elevation Gain
450 hm
Highest Point
2824 hm
Elevation Loss
1330 hm
Route Time Total
05:30 h
Starting Point: Stüdlhütte
End Point: Lucknerhaus

Elevation Profile


trail description: From Stüdl Hut, located on Fanotscharte Notch at an elevation of 2,802 metres, start off with a five minute climb northward. Then, follow signage eastward to “Pfortscharte, Salmhütte, Glorer Hütte” and eventually head south-eastward along Trail No. AV 713. This trail skirts the moraines of Ködnitzkees Glacier and intercepts the Johann-Stüdl-Trail (No. AV 702 B) above Viehböden. Well-maintained in this section, the trail winds up through tussock slopes. Cross a scree cirque and continue hiking upward. When reaching a fork in the cirque, don’t turn right to the rocks but continue uphill through the cirque, heading towards Salm Hut. The trail vigorously winds up in short switchbacks across scree and talus (yet on stable ground) onto Pfortscharte Notch. On the other side of the notch, descend along a short section on similar terrain. When you come to a fork, head south towards “Glorer Hütte” and follow Luckner Trail through undulating grassy terrain and past Upper Glatzsee Lake to Glorer Hut at Berger Törl (elev. 2,651m).

Rolling Alpine meadows blanket the broad valley of Bergtal with moraines left over from a time when this area was covered by ice, reaching down to the hollow where Glatzbach Brook flows. Beyond Glorer Hut, the trail parallels the telpher line down to the valley, crossing streams and rivulets and traversing mountain meadows. In this area it's important to practice the principles of Leave No Trace and good wilderness etiquette so please do stick to the trail. Eventually, the trail emerges onto a dirt road that brings you down to Lucknerhaus Lodge, destination and end of the Eagle Walk in East Tirol—or, its trailhead and beginning, if you decide hiking the Eagle Walk counter-clockwise. But at the end of the walk, you will be in awe of the area no matter which way you elect to go.