Eagle Walk Stage O5: Badener Hütte - Matreier Tauernhaus

Important Infomation

Route Length
14 km
Elevation Gain
450 hm
Highest Point
2768 hm
Elevation Loss
1550 hm
Route Time Total
05:30 h
Starting Point: Badener Hütte
End Point: Matreier Tauernhaus

Elevation Profile


trail description: From Badener Hut (elev. 2,608m) follow the Venediger High Trail that coincides with the Eagle Walk (as well named Badener Trail in this section) northward up Löbbentörl (elev. 2,770m). On your way you will cross rocky chutes and tiny gorges, with some sections assisted by a fixed anchoring system of cables. Proceed up over rocks and boulders for the ascent of the col, first gradually then more steeply to Löbbentörl with its huge crucifix playing host to one of the most iconic views in the Venediger Range. From there, the trail drops steeply, descending a rocky flank and a grassy ridge that are prone to retaining snow well into summer. Descend a series of zigzags over rocks and boulders to gain the lateral moraines of Schlatenkees Glacier. Fixed wires are in place to aid stability. Follow the rocky trail down to the foot of Keesboden Glacier. Here a trail branches off to Alte Prager Hut (not open to the public), and  another one heads along fascinating “Innergschlöss” Interpretive Glacier Trail. The Venediger High Trail proceeds past Salzbodensee Lake (elev. 2,731m), a tiny tarn that does reflect the faces of Hoher Zaun and Schwarze Wand when the winds are calm and the air is clear. North of glacier-white Gschlössbach Brook, the trail makes a sharp bend eastward and takes you to Venedigerhaus Lodge, that provides the perfect rest stop for hikers at an elevation of 1,689 metres.

The route then heads out of the valley along the banks of Gschlössbach Brook. The historic rock chapel located between the Alpine pastures of Inner and Outer Gschlöss is a perfect place for calling it a day and savouring views, surrounded by pure mountain beauty. Berghaus Außergschlöss (elev. 1,700m) is another strongly recommended rest stop for hikers. Once the valley widens, it’s a gentle downhill stroll from Gschlöss to Matreier Tauernhaus Lodge, dropping some 200 metres within an hour. At an elevation of 1,512 metres, the Lodge is just the right place to recover from the knee-jarring descents of this walk over hearty local delicacies.