Eagle Walk Stage O3: Eisseehütte - Bonn-Matreier-Hütte

Important Infomation

Route Length
7 km
Elevation Gain
600 hm
Highest Point
2750 hm
Elevation Loss
370 hm
Route Time Total
03:30 h
Starting Point: Eisseehütte
End Point: Bonn-Matreier-Hütte

Elevation Profile


trail description: From Eissee Hut, descend a few metres to get to the signpost of the Venediger High Trail, heading left to the eastern slopes of Timmeltal Valley. The traverse of Hexenkopf Peak’s southwest ridge follows an easy contour; then you will tackle the west ridge of Hoher Eicham Peak. After a pleasant and almost level first section, get down to business. Climbing steeply, the trail furiously works its way up the west flank of Wunwand, assisted by stone steps and a fixed anchoring system of cables. The trail switchbacks up, traversing a tussock slope on its one-kilometre way to Wunwand’s southwest ridge. In this area, a trail branches off to Wallhornalm Alpine Pasture Hut in Timmeltal Valley; the High Trail, however, continues along a tussock slope south of Wunwand and rounds a minor spur of Wunspitze’s south ridge. Another 30-minute climb takes you to a niche; slightly above the trail divides, running left to Obere Wunalm and right to Untere Wunalm. The route of the Venediger High Trail runs high above Virgental Valley. The way eases, then climbs again, this time to mount the ridge of Eselsrücken, which is the gateway to Großes Niltal Valley. A sharp little gully has to be descended in 15 switchbacks, below which you go down to a boulder field, crossing rivulets of Nilkees Glacier. From here, the trail reveals Bonn-Matreier-Hut that is your destination. A well-maintained trail, beautifully crafted with stone steps, brings you to this stately shingle-clad shelter that is renowned for serving hearty specialties, which are perfect to gather new strength after the efforts of the day.