Eagle Walk Stage O1: Ströden - Johannis Hütte

Important Infomation

Route Length
13 km
Elevation Gain
1430 hm
Highest Point
2773 hm
Elevation Loss
730 hm
Route Time Total
06:30 h
Starting Point: Ströden
End Point: Johannishütte

Elevation Profile


trail description: Trailhead is the car park at Ströden. Having crossed the bridge, the trail begins to work its way up to Stoanalm (elev. 1,450m), running parallel to Maurerbach Creek. A dirt road runs to the base of the telpher line, from where a steep path under a canopy of ancient larch trees begins its long and winding way up the mountain. The 20+ switchbacks up to Göriach Ochsner Hut (elev. 1,948m) entail some 500 metres of climbing. The steep grade lessens and the trail continues, still close to the creek, working its way up to the peaks of Venediger Range, all topped in ice. Cross the bridge of roaring Maurerbach Creek at Upper Ochsner Hut. The mighty creek is the divide between Göriach Alpine Pasture and Maurer Alpine Pasture to the west. Another steep section brings you up to Essener-Rostocker Hut, encircled by the lateral moraines of Simony Glacier that has retreated significantly over the last few years.

Essener-Rostocker Hut provides the perfect rest stop for hikers. From the hut, follow Schwerin Trail and continue up a couple switchbacks for an hour. The trail climbs the boulder-strewn east flank of  Kleiner Geiger Mountain on its way towards the red rocks of Türml Peak, passing glacial boulders with striations left over from the last ice age and scree and talus slopes. 2,772-metre Türml Col is situated on foot of Türml Peak. Descend to the east over snowfields and rocks across the east flank of Dorferkamm for about 15 minutes. Then, swing northeast along the crags of Aderkamm and cross a few unbridged creeks. Eventually, cut down below the crags heading south to Dorferbach Creek, where glacial boulders with striations are to be found. Cross the creek by footbridge and wander across meadows, passing a memorial cross and Zettalunitzbach Creek to reach your destination end of this walk, ample Johannis Hut (elev. 2,121m).