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Air sports in summer

The dream of flying is probably as old as mankind itself. Seeing the world from above is an exhilarating feeling. Those who enjoy air sports such as hot-air balloon enthusiasts and paragliders swear that it can only be properly experienced when flying.

Hot-air ballooning

Climb into the basket, take off, and rise into the skies. How about a hot-air balloon ride over snow-capped mountains in winter or over lush green slopes and valleys in summer? From a bird's eye view, you get to see the world from a new perspective. Connect with nature and let yourself be carried away by the wind. A hot-air balloon ride is perfect to switch off and escape the hectic pace of everyday life.


Run just a few steps forward to gain momentum. The wind inflates the colourful wing, and your feet leave the ground as you take off into the air. Paragliding also opens up completely new perspectives and is highly recommended to anyone with a thirst for adventure. The Achensee region offers a variety of thermally active flying sites where everyone can enjoy the thrill of free flying – whether you are a paragliding pilot or tandem flight passenger.

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