Tiroler Steinöl® – Unique to Achensee

The beneficial and soothing effects of Tiroler Steinöl® (shale oil) have been known long before the concept of wellness has emerged. Since 1902, the local elixir has been extracted from oil shale mined 1,500 metres above Lake Achensee and processed into skincare products.
Erhitzen des ölhaltigen Schiefer Gesteins im Bergwerk im Bächental

The creams, salves, lotions and shampoos are distinguished by high levels of naturally bound sulphur, as well as by special active ingredients that originate from prehistoric sea creatures and plants, in other words, from a time when the entire continent was still under water. In summer, tourists can set out on guided hikes to the shale oil mine in Bächental.


Those who want to learn more about the history of shale oil mining, which spans over 100 years, should pay a visit to Erlebniszentrum Tiroler Steinöl Vitalberg in Pertisau. The vivid exhibits reveal just how much work and expert knowledge is required to extract these beneficial essences from the black oil shale.

Im Sport und Vitalpark Achensee geht´s nach den sportlichen Aktivitäten direkt in den Wellnessbereich.


It goes without saying that Tiroler Steinöl® products play a significant role in the numerous wellness hotels around Achensee. Knowledgeable therapists provide expert advice in the 21 four star hotels, in the eight four-star superior hotels and in the two 5-star hotels.
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The origins of black oil

When the large continental plate broke up, ‘Thetis’, the original Mediterranean Sea, extended over present-day Europe to Asia. For over 50 million years, plant and animal organisms were deposited at the bottom; a lack of oxygen at the depths of the ocean preserved all the organic compounds. The ocean dried up and numerous sediment layers accumulated on the original sea-bed. The pressure placed upon these organic compounds was enormous and it was this that brought about its conversion into shale oil.
im Tiroler Steinöl Vitalberg ausgestellt - Utensilien für den Abbau des ölhaltigen Schiefergesteins

The effect

The special active substances contained in Tiroler Steinöl® (shale oil), which originate from prehistoric marine organisms and plants, are described as being the “healing legacy of the sea”. Its special composition and the high naturally bound sulphur content means Tiroler Steinöl® is exceptionally beneficial. Whether as a mild care product for skin and hair, as a tried-and-tested household remedy for aching muscles, and even for rheumatic complaints – Tiroler Steinöl® contributes to improving quality of life and has become indispensable in the wellness facilities around Achensee. Mineral oil packs, shale oil baths and shale oil massages are especially relaxing.


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