Being respectful

Being respectful

Sonnenaufgang am Unnutz

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T”: With this song, Aretha Franklin makes the topic unmistakably clear. The Achensee Tourist Board has launched a campaign which puts song and film titles into a new context, with humorous comics and original captions raising awareness for being mindful in nature and staying safe when enjoying the outdoors.

In our Facebook social media campaign we share tips on environmentally conscious behaviour and how we all can take responsibility for nature. We also aim to increase the appreciation and awareness of things we tend to forget or push out of our minds when we are outdoors in nature.

The song title “We’re In This Together Now” by Loving Caliber is accurate and to the point: Our joint effort is required to keep the “living environment and recreational space of nature” on the mountains, at the lake and in the valleys pristine and accessible for future generations, ensuring that the Achensee region remains a high-quality holiday destination.

Sustainability is about the well-being of all who live and visit here. Therefore, we need to be respectful and mindful of our fellow human beings, nature and wildlife. Leave no trace! Always take your rubbish and food leftovers back to the valley. Stay on designated trails, do not step off trails or hike through meadows. Remember that wild camping is forbidden in Tirol. Make as little noise as possible so that animals are not disturbed. Always keep your four-legged friend on a leash and pick up after your dog. And please observe the rules for walking near grazing cattle (in this case you may leave the path!) so that your mountain adventure will be a positive experience.

Let’s all become champions for nature! Everyone needs to step up and do their part to leave our beautiful nature in as good or better shape than they found it. Our livelihood depends on a pristine environment, so we all need to protect our powerful natural resources.

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01.07.2021 12:47

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