Ski touring at Lake Achensee

Ski touring at Lake Achensee

The combination of mountaineering and skiing makes ski touring a very special, multifaceted sport: the snow-muffled silence on the mountains in winter, the gentle gliding through fresh snow, the rewarding feeling of reaching the summit followed by an exhilarating descent. At the end of the day, you take a piece of the mountain with you as you descend to the valley. The experience becomes rooted in your heart, becomes part of your soul and leaves you craving for more. The addiction of climbing mountains will never let you go, and if you venture outside into high alpine terrain, make sure to be properly prepared.

Ski touring is becoming increasingly popular as it blends a wide variety of activities like no other sport. Skiers should be aware that the sport is not only enjoyable, it also involves risks – like everything that takes place in and on the mountains. Because up there, mistakes can have fatal consequences, for one’s own life and for the life of others. Therefore, basic knowledge, the proper equipment and careful preparation are essential.

To increase safety in open terrain, skiers can perform a function test of their avalanche transmitters at five ski tour starting points. Checkpoints have been installed at the car par Falkenmoos in Achenkirch, at the entrance of the Unterautal valley in Achenkirch, at the car park Achenseehof, at the car park Hubertus and at the start of the Ortovox avalanche educational trail in the Rofan mountains in Maurach. The avalanche educational features seven interpretive panels that explain the use of avalanche beacons and probes and the proper behaviour in the mountains to avoid disturbing the dormant nature.

Tour suggestions for finding your ultimate winter adventure:

Tip: If you venture out into the open terrain, you should always carry an avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe. Choose your tours depending on weather, wind and snow conditions and pay attention to the avalanche forecast bulletin!


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Skitourenlehrpfad Gipfel am Rofan
Skitour WS 2021 - Zugspitze ©Ortovox - HansiHeckmair
Skitourencamp Achensee - Ortovox, © Hansi Heckmair