Skinning uphill on snowboards!

Lake Achensee Splitboard Festival

Skinning uphill, testing the latest equipment, and enjoying the ride: Lake Achensee plays host to the Splitboard Festival, attracting freeriders and powder hounds from all over Europe. The splitboard weekend, which is presented by Sport Conrad, offers many highlights. Designed to connect people and to provide a platform for the splitboard community, the festival gives skiers ample opportunity to explore the backcountry on snowboards that split into two halves for skinning uphill and are put back together for riding downhill.

In addition to equipment testing, Europe’s biggest splitboard event offers a huge range of guided ski tours for all ability levels. Join the experienced guides who share useful tips and take skiers through pristine landscapes to spectacular summits in the surroundings. Finally, it’s time to make the first tracks in the powder snow – the most exhilarating experience of every splitboarder. Did you know? This winter, there will be plenty of activities for young adventure seekers. Numerous sports outfitters will bring equipment for children. Drop by, test the latest equipment, and join a variety of family-friendly tours. Expect limitless winter fun with our kids’ mountain guides who will teach you the basics and how to stay safe in open terrain.

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The Splitboard Festival took place from 12 to 14 January 2024.

Check back later on this website for the new schedule for 2025.

Information booth at the Splitboard Festival at Lake Achensee.
Splitboard Festival

Visit the official website of the Splitboard Festival and find information on tickets, itinerary and more.

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