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Take off and rise into the skies!

Achensee International Ballooning Days

A hot-air balloon ride in winter is a special experience. Soak in a stunning 360-degree of the surrounding area as you drift through the winter skies: Marvel at the snow-capped peaks of the Rofan and Karwendel mountains. Be wowed by the spectacular turquoise waters of Lake Achensee. If you want to experience a hot-air balloon ride, mark your calendar for the Achensee Ballooning Days, which are held from 11 January to 18 January 2025. This year's scheduled events will again feature the night glow, which is a special highlight. Tethered to the ground, illuminated balloons outshine each other and create a spectacular view at night.

The sun is still hiding behind the peaks, the morning mist is rising off of the lake, the atmosphere is mystical, and the excitement is palpable. Soon the colourful balloons will take off and rise into the skies, where not only the view is breathtaking but also the feeling of freedom is boundless.

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Ballooning Days at Lake Achensee

A journey through the winter sky: Climb on board, take off, enjoy the freedom while floating above ground. Anyone who wants to experience the special feeling of drifting in lofty heights over the…
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FAQ - the most important questions

Bundle up in layers of warm clothes: long ski underwear, warm socks, insulated hiking or ski pants, fleece jacket and insulated winter jacket. Wear flat and sturdy boots. Please bring winter hat, sunglasses, gloves, and a scarf. We recommend sun protection.

The use of mobile phones is NOT allowed on hot-air balloon rides!

You may take photos with your camera during a hot-air balloon ride to capture these special moments. Please note that publishing your photos is at your responsibility.

Hot-air balloons only fly in good weather. Strong winds, rain and/or bad visibility can endanger the safety of the passengers. Therefore, the pilot will inform you the day before whether a flight is possible at all. The motto is therefore: Be flexible and patient when choosing a date.

A chase vehicle will follow the hot-air balloon and take you back to the launch site/meeting point after landing.

The team of alpineballooning - austria/tirol will be happy to answer any questions online, by phone, or by email.

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