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Hiking programme Achensee

Connect with nature, explore the local flora and fauna, and enjoy panoramic trails: From 2 May to 28 October 2022, Lake Achensee runs a free hiking programme for visitors. Every week from Monday to Friday, you can take part in our guided hikes with your AchenseeCard.
A huge network of marked and well-maintained hiking trails offers everything a hiker’s heart desires: From family jaunts and easy strolls into the Nature Park Karwendel to challenging mountain routes, there is something for everyone to enjoy. In addition, visitors can join our guided tours in summer with our knowledgeable guides sharing interesting information about your holiday destination and its history. The diverse range of hikes will satisfy herb and nature enthusiasts, summiteers, and pleasure hikers alike.

Summer herb walk

Join our knowledgeable guides on our free summer herb walks from 2 May to 27 June 2022 and explore the rich flora of the Nature Park Karwendel. This excursion offers visitors the chance to identify the herbs and plants which grow along the way – tasting included.  

  • Meeting point: 09.30 at the car park of the Langlaufstüberl in Pertisau (bus stop Pertisau Karwendeltäler)   
  • Duration: ca. 2 hours
  • Length: ca. 2km

View our interactive map for route details.

Exclusive ranger-guided nature walk 

From 4 July to 24 October 2022, this nature walk explores the area surrounding the Gramai Alm mountain hut. The rangers will take you on a 3.5-hour tour and talk about their daily work and the history and geology of the Nature Park Karwendel. Learn interesting facts about animal tracking and watch ibex with a spotting scope. This hike is a great opportunity to discover the beauty of the Karwendel mountains. 

  • Meeting point: 10.30 in front of the Kasalm at the Gramai Alm in Pertisau
  • Duration: ca. 3.5 hours
  • Length: ca. 3km

View our interactive map for route details.

From 3 May to 25 October 2022 the Karwendel Nature Park rangers take you on a discovery tour to the Feilkopf mountain (1,562 m). Equipped with Swarovski binoculars you will explore the alpine flora and fauna. The lowest panoramic mountain in the Achensee region offers spectacular views of the lake and the surrounding peaks. The return route leads via the Feilalm mountain hut  where we stop for refreshments. 

  • Meeting point: 09.30 at the car park of the Langlaufstüberl in Pertisau (bus stop Pertisau Karwendeltäler)   
  • Duration: approx. 5 hours
  • Length: approx. 10km

View our interactive map for tour details.


Every Wednesday from 4 May to 26 October 2022, we walk from Achenkirch to the biomass cogeneration plant, then along the forest road. After a short ascent, we reach the panoramic trail leading to the Zöhreralm mountain hut (1,334m). We stop for refreshments at the “Gourmet-Alm” mountain hut and enjoy the splendid view of the valley and the lake. The driveway takes us to the valley and back to the starting point. 

  • Meeting point: 09.45 at the bus stop outside the information office in Achenkirch (bus stop Achenkirch Gemeindeamt)
  • Duration: ca. 4 hours
  • Length: ca. 9km

View our interactive map for route details.

Nature watch tour to the Moosenalm

The Karwendel Nature Park rangers will take you to the romantic Unterautal valley and to the Moosenalm (1,495 m) at the valley end. Equipped with Swarovski binoculars you will watch foraging marmots, and with a little luck you will catch a glimpse of chamois and ibexes at the foot of the Schreckenspitze mountain.  

  • Dates: 5 May to 30 June 2022 and 13 to 27 October 2022
  • Meeting point: 09.45 at the car park of the Christlum (bus stop Achenkirch Christlumlifte)
  • Duration: ca. 5 hours
  • Length: ca. 10km

View our interactive map for route details.

Excursion to the Tiroler Steinöl® distillery

The exclusive hike to the Tiroler Steinöl® (shale oil) distillery in the Bächental valley is offered from the beginning of July until the beginning of October. From the car park at the Christlum lifts, the guide takes you through the Unterautal valley and up to the Gröbner Hals (1,650 m). Enjoy the beautiful view of the Karwendel mountains before descending to the shale oil distillery, where you can grab a snack before going behind the scenes. After the distillery tour, a bus takes you back to the starting point past the Sylvenstein reservoir. The trail difficulty is easy to moderate, however some endurance is required (700 metres elevation gain). Limited number of participants! 

  • Dates: 7 July bis 6 October 2022
  • Meeting point: 09.45 at the car park of the Christlum (bus stop Achenkirch Christlumlifte) 
  • Return: The bus will return at ca. 16.30 to the car park of the Christlum (bus stop Achenkirch Christlumlifte) and continue to the information offices in Achenkirch and Pertisau and to the Welcome-CENTER in Maurach. 
  • Cost: The bus transfer from the Bächental is EUR 10.00 per person.
  • Duration: ca. 6.5 hours
  • Length: ca. 8km

View our interactive map for route details.

Every Friday from 6 May to 28 October 2022, the guide takes you on a challenging full-day hike to a summit in the Karwendel or Rofan mountains. Tours start at the valley or mountain station of the Karwendel or Rofan cable car. Our expert guide will select the destination after considering the current trail conditions, the weather, and wishes of the group. Lift tickets are not included.  

  • Meeting point in May, July, and September: 09.30 at the valley station of the Karwendel cable car in Pertisau 
  • Meeting point in June, August, and October: 09.30 at the valley station of the Rofan cable car in Maurach (bus stop Maurach Rofanseilbahn)
  • Duration: ca. 6 hours
  • Length: ca. 7km

Good to know

  • Packing list & prerequisites: Sturdy shoes (ankle-high mountain boots) and weather appropriate clothing are essential. Telescopic hiking poles are recommended. All tours require sure-footedness and an adequate fitness level. We assume no liability for any accidents or damages. The Achensee Tourist Board reserves the right to change tour destinations and return times or to cancel tours due to weather conditions. Larger groups of people may participate in the daily hiking programme only by advance reservation. For travel groups, we will be happy to organize a certified mountain or hiking guide.
  • Cost: Participation is free for all visitors with a valid AchenseeCard (visitor card). Without AchenseeCard the fee is EUR 29.00 per person. Additional costs such as parking or toll fees, cable car tickets, stopovers, etc. are not included. 
  • Registration & group size: Pre-booking is required at the latest by 17.30 on the previous day. Please book your spot online at the Achensee experience shop or by phone at +43 5 95300-0. Group size: maximum 15 people!


Additional tours: Golden eagle walks, sunrise tours & barefoot hikes

In addition to the weekly programme, the Nature Park Karwendel offers ranger-guided tours into a populated golden eagle territory from June to August. The Karwendel has the highest population of golden eagles in the wild, and visitors can expect spectacular sightings. Early risers will enjoy the sunrise hiking tours to the Austenau Alpe, where a delicious mountain breakfast awaits. And if you want to make a lasting connection with the natural world, join the barefoot hike into the Unterautal valley.

Visitors have the opportunity to watch golden eagles on ranger-guided tours in the Karwendel valleys.
Golden eagle walk
A sunrise tour to the Ebner Joch rewards hikers with incredible vistas.
Sunrise tour
Make a lasting connection with nature on the guided barefoot hike through the untouched and idyllic Unterautal valley in Achenkirch.
Barefoot hike
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Tirol Eagle Walk
Golden eagle watch tour
Rofan tour