Snowkiting at Lake Achensee

Snowkiting – the winter version of kitesurfing. Follow the new trend sport at Lake Achensee. In 2010, the first licensed snowkiting school has been established in the region. If you want to learn how to glide across a magnificent, pristine winter landscape on skis or on the snowboard, then Achenkirch is the place to be. 

Snowkiten in Achenkirch ©Julia Hammerle

© Julia Hammerle

Extensive meadows the size of a football field comprise the snowkite terrain in Achenkirch. The location provides perfect training and wind conditions.

Here’s how it works: Snowkiting involves using downhill skis or a snowboard and a specially designed steerable kite similar to that used in kite surfing. The only other thing you need is some wind and a snow covered open area. The sport is easy to learn, within one hour, beginners manage to steer the kite and immediately afterwards can make their first attempts wearing skis or a snowboard.

Snowkiting school Achenkirch

The snowkiting school in Achenkirch offers courses for all abilty levels, from taster courses to professional weekend workshops. Experienced kite instructors will train adults, youngsters and children in a fun and professional way. Skiing or snowboarding skills, an adequate fitness level and minimum age of seven years are required.

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Snowkite Eldorado Achenkirch ©Julia Hammerle
Snowkiten - leicht erlernt bei der Snowkiteschule Achensee in Achenkirch ©Judith Kunz
Snowkite Areal in Achenkirch ©Julia Hammerle
Snowkiten in Achenkirch ©Julia Hammerle