Winter hiking

With every step the fresh snow crunches under your feet and thousands of ice crystals glisten in the cold winter air. There is hardly a better way to experience the magic of winter at Lake Achensee than winter hiking.


The enchanting landscape around the lake boasts more than 150 kilometres of scenic winter hiking paths which invite you to discover the beauty of Tirol’s nature step by step and in complete tranquility.
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Ranger-guided winter hikes

Ranger-guided winter hikes are a wonderful way to explore the habitat of plants and animals, read tracks, learn about snow and watch wildlife. The region offers ranger-guided hikes into the beautiful Nature Park Karwendel.

Hiking programme overview:

Starting points for the Monday hikes are changing. Please see below for dates and meeting points.
Guided hike Achenkirch
The tour starts at the Landgasthof Hotel Fischerwirt and lead in the direction of Hinterwinkel, past the riverbed of the Oberaubach to the Stod waterfall.
Meeting point: 10.30 at the pay parking lot in front of the Landgasthof Hotel Fischerwirt,
(bus stop: Achenkirch Fischerwirt)
Duration: approx. 2.5 hours

  • 20 December, 27 December 2021
  • 10 January, 17 January, 31 January 2022
  • 07 February, 21 February, 28 February 2022
  • 14 March 2022

Guided hike Maurach
The circular walks start at the roundabout in Maurach and lead over meadow paths to the housing estate Lärchenwiese, then continue on a forest trail to the Indian forest/adventure playground in the direction of Weißenbachtal.
Meeting point: 10.30 at the pay parking lot next to Café Klingler, (bus stop: Maurach Mittelschule)
Duration: approx. 2.5 hours

  • 03 January, 24 January 2022
  • 14 February, 07 March 2022

From the Langlaufstüberl we head into the valley towards Tristenau. The tour leads over the golf course to the riverbed of the Tribachl and from there back to the starting point. A fun winter experience where we can watch small denizens of the forest birds, squirrels, etc.)
Meeting point: 10.30 at the pay parking lot next to the Langlaufstüberl, (bus stop: Pertisau Karwendeltäler)
Dates: every Tuesday from 21 December 2021 to 15 March 2022
Duration: approx. 3 hours

The tour takes us from the Langlaufstüberl into the Falzthurn valley in the direction of the Gramai. We follow the trail as it climbs gently through a beautiful forest to the Falzthurnalm mountain hut. From here, the path leads over open terrain to the riverbed. Enjoying the breathtaking view, we are taken back into times long past. How did the mountains form? Why are there valleys and cirques? These and many other questions will be answered during this impressive hike.
Meeting point: 10.00 at the pay parking lot next to the “Langlaufstüberl” (bus stop: Pertisau – Karwendeltäler)
Dates: every Wednesday from 22 December 2021 to 16 March 2022
Duration: approx. 4 hours (stop for refreshments possible at the Falzthurn)

This hike has the motto “pastures: natural vs. culitvated landscapes”. From the parking lot we walk across the bridge over the Platzach into the Pletzachtal valley. Beautiful paths take us through a wonderful mountain forest which has become home to a rich variety of wildlife (red deer, roe deer, …). We follow the trail and soon we will reach the panoramic and open alpine meadows of the Pletzachalm pasture. From this man-made landscape we enjoy the view of the valley and the surrounding mountains. We will see that natural and cultivated landscapes can be very different but do not have to be in conflict. Afterwards, we walk back to the starting point.
Meeting point: 10.00 at the pay parking lot next to the Langlaufstüberl (bus stop: Pertisau Karwendeltäler)
Dates: every Thursday from 23 December 2021 to 17 March 2022 (stop for refreshments possible at the Pletzach mountain hut)

This moderately difficult tour starts at the parking lot Falkenmoos. We follow the trail as it climbs to a beautiful viewpoint with vistas of Hinterunnutz and Vorderunnutz. The trail continues in the direction of the Falkenmoosalm where the rangers explain how wildlife adapts to survive the winter. The return route leads past a deer feeding station back to the starting point.
Meeting point: 10.00 at the pay parking lot Falkenmoos in Achenkirch. (bus stop: Abzw. Steinberg, followed by a 15-minute walk)
Dates: every Friday from 24 December 2021 to 18 March 2022
Duration: 4-5 hours

For all tours, wearing sturdy warm boots and weather appropriate clothing are essential. Please bring your own snacks and beverages. All hikes require sure-footedness and an adequate level of fitness. For more information about guided winter hikes please visit


Pre-booking is required. Registrations must be received by 20.00 online on the day before the respective tour. Price EUR 15 incl. snowshoeing equipment (snowshoes and poles). Maximum of participants: 10 persons


Snowshoe excursions provide the opportunity to discover completely pristine winter landscapes off the cleared winter hiking trails. The region’s certified guides will show you how to use snowshoes in a safe environment while sharing information about our landscape and wildlife. Tip: The original trapper tour which leads from Pertisau into the Karwendel valleys.
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Ice skating and ice stock sports

Ice skating and ice stock sports are a popular winter workout and the ideal activity for family fun and fitness.
Ice skating rinks are open in Achenkirch, Wiesing and Maurach.
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