Childrens’ programme

In summer, from 24th June to 30th August 2019, from Monday to Friday, the Achensee region offers a fantastic childrens’ programme.

Children between four and ten years get to take part in an exciting programme of events and explore the region, accompanied by our qualified child supervisors.


MONDAY – Golf with Wusel the Water Spirit
Location: Golf course, Pertisau

Wusel is excited! At this year‘s water spirit meeting, a crystal golf tournament will take place. The little water spirit needs to practice but he shoots his ball into the woods! While looking for his ball, Wusel gets
lost! Help us find Wusel the water spirit. Look forward to a golf taster session and an exciting treasure hunt.

MONDAY evening – Family hike under the stars
Location: Häusererbühel Chapel, Maurach

Lights at night! As soon as it gets dark at Lake Achensee, we will walk through the night together with you and your parents. A fabulous experience for the whole family! We meet at 8.00 p.m. (Subject to change)

TUESDAY – Climbing adventure with Kraxel Kris
Location: Buchau, Maurach

Put on your sturdy hiking boots and show Kraxel Kris your climbing skills and how you whizz through the air on the Flying Fox. Today’s activities include building forest huts and viewing the world from a new perspective through bug eye viewers, and we will enjoy a proper mountaineer‘s snack. Certified guides will provide helmets and ropes to ensure a safe adventure.

WEDNESDAY – Pony riding and Indian Fest
Location: Kinderhotel Buchau, Maurach

Let Horse Paul Gaul take you into the exciting world of the Indians and experience a fun-filled day in the Achensee holiday region! Wearing the proper paint, we will set out for unforgettable adventures! Riding ponies, reading animal tracks, grilling bread on the stick and lots of games are waiting for you.

WEDNESDAY evening – Family night scouting game
Location: Alpen Caravan Park Achensee, Achenkirch

Adventurers and fantasy enthusiasts watch out! An enchanted creature is hiding in the forests of Achenkirch. Find the sorcerer, solve the mystery, help to free the wood fairy and become heroes of the night! An exciting scouting game for the whole family. Suitable for children aged 5 years and over.

For organisational reasons we ask for registration until 3.00 p.m. at the latest on the day of the event at the local information offices or by phone under +43 5 95300-0. Meeting point at 08.00 p.m. at the Alpen Caravan Park Achensee

THURSDAY – Pasture family day with Hen Hanna
Location: Buchauer Alm, Maurach

Hen Hanna wants to spend the summer on the mountain pasture together with her best friends Cow Karoline and Sheep Olli. But this is not so easy because the farmer disagrees. But Hen Hanna has devised a plan … If you can find Hen Hanna, you will be rewarded with a delicious lunch and a wonderful mountain panorama. Enjoy an action-packed day with your family on the mountain pasture.

For organisational reasons pre-booking is required on the previous day. Please register at the local information offices during opening hours until 5.00 p.m. or by phone at +43 (59)5300-0. Meeting point at 09.30 a.m. at the car park above the Rofan cable car.

FRIDAY – Water action with Wendelin Water Flea
Location: Alpen Caravan Park Achensee, Achenkirch

The cheerful little water flea Wendelin from the pond in the forest has a heart‘s desire: He wants to play in the forest with his friends. The magic spell of the herb witch makes his wish come true. A raft ride on Lake Achensee rounds off our adventurous day. Please bring swimwear! Don’t forget your swimming gear!



  • Age

    All children aged between four and ten years old can take part in the children’s programme in the holiday region of Achensee. Older children can take part in the teenagers’ programme.

  • Meeting places

    Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays
    Achenkirch Information Office: at 9.30 a.m.
    Welcome-CENTER Achensee in Maurach: at 9.30 a.m.
    Pertisau Information Office: at 9.30 a.m.
    Car park above the Rofan cable car: 09.30 a.m.
    Our childcarers will meet you at the meeting places. We will take the public bus to our respective starting points. Please arrive on time, otherwise we cannot guarantee participation in the childrens’ programme, as the buses must comply with the timetables. Please do not forget to bring your AchenseeCard, without the card you will have to pay for the bus ticket.
    Pick-up times:
    Achenkirch Information Office: at 4.50 p.m.
    Welcome-CENTER Achensee in Maurach: at 4.25 p.m.
    Pertisau Information Office: at 4.40 p.m.

  • Equipment

    You will need sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing, a rucksack which you can carry yourself and for Fridays please bring swimming gear. For the free bus transfers you will need the AchenseeCard.

  • Details

    The childrens’ programme is free! We only charge a contribution of EUR 7.00 for food per child! For the family day on Thursday we charge EUR 10.00 per parent for lunch, drinks are not included.
    If the event planned cannot go ahead because of bad weather, we shall make for our children’s party room where we can paint, do handicrafts, play and much more. Just be ready for surprises! Minimum number of participants: 3 children


Register here to guarantee your participation in the children’s programme. You can also register at one of the local information offices during the opening hours or let us have your reservation by phone at +43 5 95300-0. Registration is possible on the same day before the programme starts.

Important notice:

  • For the family pasture day, pre-booking is required on the previous day. Please register at the local information offices during opening hours until 17.00 or by phone at +43 5 95300-0.
  • For the night scouting game, pre-booking is required on the previous day until 15.00 at the latest.