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Philosophy & values of Job-Life Achensee

Being part of the Job-Life Achensee initiative means supporting a common set of values and promoting them in the workplace. The philosophy and values of Job-Life Achensee are clearly defined. Triple-A employers...

  • attach great importance to a positive working environment that promotes respect, openness, cooperation, and appreciation. There is a culture of trust, mutual support, and cooperation at eye level. 
  • are reliable employers and partners. They keep promises made to their employees, customers, and business partners.
  • offer fair working conditions & appropriate remuneration commensurate with staff skills and performance. They encourage employees to share ideas and make suggestions.
  • make a genuine effort to improve the well-being of individual employees and across the entire team via flexible work models, work-life balance measures and leisure activities.
  • are future-oriented and strive to create career development opportunities for their employees.


Sense of togetherness - reliability - fairness & openness - social responsibility - future-oriented thinking