Job-Life Achensee FAQs

What is Job-Life Achensee?

Job-Life Achensee is an employer branding campaign across all industries that is much more than just a job portal. On this website, we provide information about relocation and legal requirements for setting up residence in the region. Part of the initiative is the Achensee DahoamCard, our benefit card for residents & employees, which lets you take advantage of numerous discounts. In addition to providing job opportunities, we strive to create and foster a good work-life balance. Find out about excursions, restaurants, sports. Plus, we have put together information about banks, public transport options, shopping tips, and healthcare providers (infrastructure).

How can I register with Job-Life Achensee as an employee?
  1. For registering, you need an Achensee DahoamCard. Follow the link to find out where to get the card and all the benefits it provides.
  2. Select the green icon in the top right corner of the website to register.
  3. Important: To access all offers and benefits of the Achensee DahoamCard you must select your employer.
  4. Done – now you can access your account with your password and take advantage of all the benefits of Job-Life Achensee.
What is the Achensee DahoamCard and where can I obtain it?

The Achensee DahoamCard is a free ID card for members of the Achensee community and lets employees and/or residents take advantage of discounts on leisure activities. You can obtain your Achensee DahoamCard free of charge from your municipality of residence. Notice: If you (also) work in the region, you must apply for the Achensee DahoamCard in the municipality of your employer (not your municipality of residence). Follow the link to find out more about the Achensee DahoamCard.

Getting here and around, tickets, taxi app Calemo, and more

Use our route planner to arrive safely at Lake Achensee. To get around in the region and in Tirol, use See real-time predictions and delays of busses by selecting a bus stop.
What tickets are available? Visit to see all ticket options, whether you are looking for annual, monthly, or weekly tickets. In Austria, there are also discounted job tickets, please ask your employer if they provide this ticket option.

The taxi app „Calemo“ is intended to improve mobility in the Achensee communities. Voucher redemption is easy by scanning a QR code with your smartphone. The mobility vouchers can be used for cashless payment around the clock in all taxis participating in the Calemo scheme.

How do I find a good place to live in the Achensee region?

You want to work and live in the Achensee region and are looking for a home to rent or buy? Check out our tips for property websites.

Moving to or within Austria: Obligation to register & setting up residence

If you move within Austria or establish residence in Austria, you must register your arrival within 3 days of moving into a new accommodation. You can do this at the respective registration authority.

EU citizens and Swiss nationals who stay for more than 3 months must apply for a registration certificate. Special regulations apply to all other nationals. More information is available on this website under the section “Registration procedures and residence permits”. 

If you have found a job and start working at Lake Achensee, please register in person at the respective municipality: 

Moving to or within Austria – Healthcare & e-card

How does Austria's healthcare system work? How do you find a general practitioner and what’s to know about health insurance? Details are available on this website under the section “health system”.

The e-card is your healthcare insurance card and therefore a very important electronic document in Austria. Patients must bring it whenever seeking treatment in the healthcare facilities covered by the social insurance system, such as doctor’s practices and hospitals. Visit the official website of the Austrian social insurance for details.

Health check: Every person aged 18 and over is entitled to a free health check once a year. For details, visit

Moving to or within Austria – Bringing your car & driver’s licence

What’s to know when you bring your car to Austria? Where to register the car? Is your driver’s licence valid in Austria? Details are available on this website under the section “taking a car with you”.

Moving to or within Austria with pets

Find out in advance what is required for travelling to Tirol, Austria with your pets. Visit this website for useful information and advice. In addition, our webpage “Dogs at Lake Achensee” provides information for dog owners who live and work at Lake Achensee.

Moving to Austria/the Achensee region from a non-EU country

Visit this website for information about residence permits, Red-White-Red Cards and general requirements for moving to Austria from a non-EU country.

Job offers in the region
In the Achensee region, we welcome new and diverse talent. There are plenty of jobs and career opportunities in different industries waiting for you. If you are ready to join our community, browse our job postings and find your next job.
Looking to expand your skills?
Personal development of our employees is high on our priority list. Therefore, we offer a huge range of training opportunities, including language courses, workshops, and seminars in other areas of life.
Apprenticeships at Lake Achensee
The Achensee region’s top apprenticeship employers support you as you transition from the classroom into the world of work, focusing on your personal growth. Asking questions, learning from your mistakes, and taking responsibility for your work are all part of your apprenticeship.
Family life is important
Do you have any children or teenagers? Find out everything you need to know about childcare facilities, schools, playgrounds, and much more.
Infrastructure at Lake Achensee
Looking for the nearest pharmacy, bank, or municipal office? We have put together a page with all the information you need including public transport options and shopping tips.
Leisure activities, sports...
Everybody needs to de-stress after work. The Achensee region offers employees a huge range of recreational activities to help them relax and live a healthier life.
Village life
Become part of our community and find out more about the village life in the region, clubs and associations, and community activities. Check out the Achenseer Hoangascht, the official monthly publication of the Achensee municipalities.
FAQS: Relocating, Information for non-EU citizens...
Our aim is to help you make your relocation to the Achensee region as easy as possible. Read our tips and information about Job-Life Achensee, finding a place to live, establishing residence, getting here and around, and more.