When the lake is asleep

When the lake is asleep

Winter may be a quiet time, but it is by no means silent: The winter world reveals many things to the attentive observer that are barely perceptible in summer – and enchants with its delicate, soft beauty.

Winter is a magical time. And somehow, at Lake Achensee, it’s even more enchanting. The glittering sun, reflected by the lake and the thick blanket of snow, shining back from the snow-covered mountains. A gentle mist lies above the water, the air is fresh and cold and clears your head. Winter is a time of peace and tranquility. But it only appears as if nature is resting, there is an amazing amount of life in this icy world, even if it is a frugal and hard life for both animals and plants. Therefore, it is important to be quiet and considerate while exploring outside.

Immerse yourself in the special winter magic of Lake Achensee.

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