What is snowbiking?

What is snowbiking?

Snowbiking or skibiking – it’s like riding a bicycle but instead of wheels the snowbike has two skis. The rider is wearing a pair of short foot-skis and is ready to go. The snowbike, which is made of aluminium and weighs only 7.5 kilogrammes, is fun for beginners and advanced riders of all ages.

How to ride a snowbike
Learning to ride is the fun part. Once you have adjusted to the proper body position, you’ll be riding the snowbike and having fun within a few runs. After an hour even newcomers will be able to enjoy every kind of terrain, from the simplest piste to advanced slopes with very little “downtime”.

Certified snowbike instructors of the ITS Ski School Achensee Aktiv Snowsports, the Ski & Snowboard School Achenkirch and the ITS-Ski School Pertisau provide professional lessons. Learning the technique correctly in the beginning will enhance the safety and enjoyment of your experience.

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