Snowkiting at Lake Achensee

Snowkiting at Lake Achensee

Snowkiting, the winter version of kitesurfing, is an exhilarating outdoor activity. Gliding over the snow with a kite is a must-do adventure for every ski and sports enthusiast. In 2010, the first licensed snowkiting school opened at Lake Achensee, and you’ll be in good hands if you’re looking for a hands-on learning experience.

The northern shore of Lake Achensee provides the requisite snowkiting terrain and ample space to glide with the kite. The location is perfect due to the excellent wind conditions. The professionals demonstrate how it works – and the participants can try their first manoeuvres right away because the sport is quite easy to learn, as Maria from the snowkiting school explains. Snowkiting is suitable for everybody who enjoys sports. Beginners should be able to do the gliding wedge on skis or ride a snowboard for a few metres in both directions. The trick is to get the kite under control. But this should not be too difficult. After one or two hours of instruction, most of the participants already manage to glide a few metres on the snow.

“There is no need to be afraid. It’s simply fun to be driven by the power of the wind alone,” is how the kite instructor describes the fascination of snowkiting. And: “Snowkiting is also a great sport for children, they can start at the age of seven. By the way, our oldest students were 80 years young”, says Maria, encouraging all those young at heart. The qualified instructors of the snowkiting school will provide a basic safety introduction followed by hands-on training and the first flight attempts with the kite.

In addition to snow, snowkiting requires wind. You can ride in winds from about four knots which is about 10 kilometres per hour, and there is almost always wind at Lake Achensee. It is quite easy to build fundamental kite flying skills, but there’s much more to becoming a pro in terms of speed or acrobatic manoeuvres such as jumps which you can do, but don’t have to. Snowkiting is fun either way.

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