Ski courses at Lake Achensee

“Zwei Brettln a gfiariga Schnee – Juchee” is the cry of all experienced skiers.

To get this feeling of “effortless” skiing a few ski course sessions are required. As a child you grow into the sport, so to speak, with a ski course, but you can also learn as an adult, or improve on your ski turns during a ski day.

Skiing made easy

Our ski schools in the ski areas in Achensee provide courses for everyone:
A children’s ski course with Bobo the penguin or Snowy the mountain hare, where children get to learn the sport from scratch, or refresh their skills every year.
Or a course for adults, where beginners and experts get to refresh their skiing skills.

Perfect equipment

Having the proper equipment is part and parcel of enjoyable skiing. Ski boots, skis, poles, clothing, and helmets – our sports shops in the village have all equipment available for sale and to hire.

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