5 tips for mindful ski touring

5 tips for mindful ski touring

Skitourencamp Achensee

Put the skins on your skis and off you go. But please be responsible and follow our five tips for being respectful of nature when heading out on unforgettable backcountry adventures.

1. Being mindful of nature
Preserve and protect what we love: The passion for outdoor activities – freeriding, ski touring, experiencing nature – is irrevocably tied to the preservation of the mountain environment. Consider the “consumption” of nature just as consciously as your actions in everyday life.

2. Conscious planning
Pay more attention to your close surroundings. And please be mindful: There are hotspots that struggle with overtourism. The solution: avoid the crowds, try to find other destinations, and sometimes just stay away. You can find all ski tours on maps.achensee.com.

3. Making tracks
As ski tourers, we leave tracks in nature – and it’s up to us what they look like. It should be part of every ski tourer’s basic etiquette to keep them to a minimum. Do not leave rubbish on the mountain, respect protection zones (also at night), stay away from feeding stations and young trees.

4. Supporting the community – also with social distancing
Ski touring is an activity that focuses on community and camaraderie. Sharing rides with friends is more sustainable, there is safety in numbers, and in general group experiences are more rewarding. Community also means: Support the locals and stop for refreshments at mountain huts (when they are open again) or restaurants in the valley after the tour.

5. Safety in open terrain
Take safety precautions! Every winter sports enthusiast should regularly update their knowledge on avalanche safety, snow conditions and the use of emergency equipment. Hands-on courses like the Achensee SkiMountaineering Camps are the best way to provide the necessary skills.


24.10.2021 07:17