Wiesing in the Inntal valley lies at an elevation of 568 metres and is situated at the bottom of the Achensee region.


‘A delightful little village’ – as Beda Weber, founder of Tirol’s local history, rhapsodised in 1837 about this picturesque town at the foot of the Rofan Mountains. Situated between the approach road to Achensee and the mouth of Zillertal, this characteristic, still very traditional Tirol village, is a family-friendly, paradise for peace and relaxation and enjoys a moderate elevation level.

Wintery hikes through this homely village and ‘voyages of discovery’ – for instance to the parish church, which is well worth seeing and which is dedicated to St. Martin and St. Nikolaus, ensure genuine relaxation.

6 kilometres of slopes and a toboggan run invite you to enjoy some sporty activities. Beginner skiers can use the T-bar lifts to head up for their first attempts in the snow, and it is just a few minutes’ drive to Achensee. Wiesing is ideally placed as the starting point for excursions to numerous attractions in Inntal, Zillertal or further into the lowlands.

Tirol‘s biggest and most beautiful lake, Achensee, is just a few minutes’ drive from Wiesing. This means nothing stands in your way of some pleasurable bathing.

Wiesing is also a popular starting point for hikes into the Rofan Mountains, for instance to Astenau Alpe or the Bayreuther mountain hut.

Around Wiesing there are many churches, chapels, wayside shrines and crosses. They are the focus of the new church and chapel path.

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