The region and its holiday communities

Lake Achensee, Tirol’s largest lake, and its five holiday communities, lie in the middle of the breathtaking mountain scenery of the Karwendel and Rofan mountains in the heart of Tirol. The area around the lake stands out with its incomparable natural beauty and attracts visitors with countless opportunities to enjoy alpine leisure pursuits and relaxation. 

winter walking near the lake in Maurach

Since the Achensee area was developed for tourism the region has been one of the most popular holiday and excursion destinations in Tirol. In 1887 the first steamer, the ‘St. Josef’, was launched and today boat trips with the Achensee Schifffahrt are a popular attraction. The same also applies to the historic Achensee railway. This steam-cog railway runs every summer from Jenbach train station to Achensee, covering an unbelievable 400 metres in elevation a the route of 6.4 kilometres.

Long ago the communities around the Achensee discovered winter tourism. Gently sloping hills invited families in particular to ski and because of the extended network of slopes the area enjoys the reputation of being “Tirol’s best cross-country centre”. The Achensee region also achieved fame thanks to its ‘black gold’, Tiroler Steinöl®. This fossil oil has been extracted for more than a century and used in the treatment of a variety of illnesses.

Achensee – the centre of the region

The Achensee is a natural lake created after the last Ice Age by glaciers. The lake is flanked by the mountain slopes of the Karwendel massif and the Rofan mountain range and is supplied by subterranean tributaries from Ampelsbach, Dürrach and Achenkirch’s springs. In 1927 an underground tunnel was built from Seespitz to the hydropower station in Jenbach, which meant that Achensee became a natural reservoir.

Achensee in figures:

  • Volume/water content: 481 million cubic metres
  • Surface area: 6.8 square kilometres
  • Length: 9 kilometres
  • Width: max. 1.3 kilometres
  • Depth: 133 metres
  • Perimeter: 21.3 kilometres
  • Theoretical water replenishment: 1.9 years
  • Originated: around 20,000 years ago as an terminal moraine lake after the last Ice Age
  • Water quality: very good, drinking water
  • Surface area of the entire Achensee region: 390 square kilometres

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