Kitesurfing on Lake Achensee

Kitesurfing on Lake Achensee

Kitesurfen am Achensee

Daniel Gredler lives with the wind and makes a living from it. This is why he has chosen Lake Achensee, where on hot summer afternoons the thermal builds and very often the foehn winds already blow in the mornings. Even if you cannot really set the clock to it, the excellent conditions make the Tirolean Sea the top spot for wind-crazy water sports enthusiasts like Daniel Gredler. In his kite school he offers introductory lessons for beginners and advanced surfers. And when there is no wind? Then he grabs the standup paddle board and glides leisurely across the water. Because the next wind is certain to come.

“Freedom, adventure, simply the best way of life”, is how Daniel Gredler describes the fascination of kitesurfing. Having accompanied professionals to competitions around the globe from Venezuela and Brazil to Egypt, the 35-year-old is happy to have found his personal paradise at Lake Achensee.

Paradise for beginners and advanced kitesurfers 
On sunny days there are 70, sometimes even 80 kite surfers playing with the elements on Lake Achensee. Around 100 kilometres per hour, jumps up to 15 metres high – a fascinating spectacle for onlookers. “But you need a lot of training to get that far,” says Daniel Gredler who puts high emphasis on safety in his courses. “Release the kite and jump into the water – for beginners, this is the last resort in case of emergency.”

SUP to counteract kitesurfing
To counteract the adrenaline rush from kitesurfing – and of course to cover times when there is no wind – the expert swears by standup paddle boarding. Because it’s incredibly calming, and if you do it seriously it’s an ideal full-body workout which strengthens legs, back, torso and arms. “You get the hang of it pretty quickly,” says Daniel Gredler who prefers being out early in the mornings or at sunset.

Kitesurfing courses
Three-day courses are available for beginners and advanced surfers at the south-eastern lakeshore in Buchau. Click here for the current weather and wind report.


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