Summit and nature experiences

Summit and nature experiences

Lake Achensee, nestled between the two mountain ranges Rofan and Karwendel, is known as an excellent hiking area, featuring rustic mountain huts and trails with beautiful vistas of the impressive peaks and the deep blue “Tirolean Sea”. A variety of well-marked and maintained hiking trails in all difficulty levels offer a unique outdoor experience where everyone will find unique experiences and their favourite summit.

Tips from the rangers of the Nature Park Karwendel how to best experience local wildlife and nature:

Slow down and linger
The slower we move, the more we can perceive and discover. Often, we humans disturb the animals by entering the landscape. Therefore, we usually make great observations when we spend some time in one place.

Open your senses
Stop from time to time, and suddenly you will hear many more bird calls telling you who is hiding where. Let your gaze wander over the landscape and try to make out hidden movements that reveal the whereabouts of an animal. It is worthwhile to look closely, listen, smell or feel.

Landscape transitions
Wherever habitats change significantly, for example when a forest transitions to a meadow, you are suddenly visible when stepping out of a protected area and often frighten the animals that are present. To avoid this, it is recommended to stop for a moment before the landscape changes and your chances of watching animals become higher.

Change of perspective
Just look up into the treetops, bend down to the ground or lie down, and suddenly completely new perspectives will open up. In addition, we often forget that the animals also observe us. When we have passed them they might come out of their hiding place. If you slowly look back over your shoulder, you often make great discoveries.

Did you know?
The Karwendel Nature Park has been named Nature Park of the Year 2020 by an independent jury of experts. Click here to find ranger-guided hikes in the Nature Park Karwendel.


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