Lake Achensee mountain summer etiquette

Lake Achensee mountain summer etiquette

Ausblick vom Bärenkopf

The mountain ranges surrounding Lake Achensee are amazing, and they will surely stay that way thanks to our very considerate guests and locals. No warning signs or prohibitions are needed, and certainly no tutorials – we all know the proper code of conduct in the mountains. Still, we would like to share some smart tips to refresh your knowledge:

  1.  Take your rubbish with you
    During the mountain summer at Lake Achensee, it goes without saying that everyone takes their rubbish back with them so as not to annoy people or wildlife. A huge network of hiking trails runs through the mountain landscape and every hiker knows that unfortunately, there is no rubbish collection. The huge vehicles couldn’t be low enough in emission to be allowed into the natural world which deserves protection. This is the reason why there are no rubbish bins on the mountaintops. But we all know that!
  2. Collect dog poo & keep your dog on a leash
    Time and time again, our four-legged friends put us to the test. But such a moral authority is actually not bad. It is well known that many dogs get annoyed with their owners if they don’t clean up after them. How is a dog supposed to collect poo? Have you ever tried to use a dog poo bag without hands? Exactly. It is understandable that dogs are embarrassed if their droppings remain in the landscape – luckily there are some dog toilets in the Achensee region. Also, the marmots are not amused when they find dog poo or that the entrance to their burrow has been dug up. That’s why they keep reminding us – friendly but pointedly – that dogs have to be kept on a leash at all times. But we all know that!
  3. Be aware of the dangers around cattle
    A loud “moo!” can be heard from the pasture. It’s okay to return the greeting, but please speak quietly and don’t wave. Cows can be skittish and sometimes they hit the wrong note. But we know this from our own perspective: We enjoy basking in the sun at the outdoor pool with our family and at regular intervals, one cow after the other walks over our towel, lapdog in tow. And most of them try to pet us, how unpleasant! But we all know that!
  4. Danger of forest fires
    Summer in Tirol is not as hot as in the Sahara, and although the mountains at Lake Achensee are not made of sand, it can get quite dry. So dry that not only grill masters but also smokers have to refrain from their favourite hobbies because the heat can become unbearable. But there’s not really much to say about the danger of forest fires – we all know that!
  5. Drones
    Apps, smart watches & digital hiking pins – technology plays an increasingly important role in outdoor recreation. Drones are also becoming more and more popular, sweetening up the day of the pilots: At last, seeing the mountains from a bird’s eye view or peeking over the fence of naturist areas! Even if some pilots are still not aware of the legal situation, one should have a little sense of privacy. Also, take-off and landing areas of paragliders are not suitable for extensive drone flights. Pilots have a very honourable occupation and should be able to proudly claim: “We all know that!
  6. Planning and preparing tours ahead is important
    Last but not least, there is one more issue which we don’t have to point out anymore: proper tour planning. It goes without saying that you should start your hiking tour with enough water, food and time. And it’s also obvious that you should look up to the sky (or on your smartphone) from time to time to get informed about current weather conditions. And now we don’t want to strain all our time with reading – being outdoors in nature and on the mountains is much more fun. But we all know that!

    Just not too much!
    Despite all the humour, of course, we don’t want to ignore the seriousness of the issues raised. Time and again, there have been incidents throughout the Alpine region where people have not prepared properly or didn’t get informed before venturing outdoors and into the mountains. Our aim is to give you tips to stay safe. Being in the outdoors entails risks, and while some issues can seem a bit trivial, like “forgetting” one’s rubbish on the mountain, the wrong behaviour can result in you or other humans getting injured. Above all, forest fires and aggressive cattle can present serious danger that should not be underestimated. We don’t want to lecture our visitors, but proper conduct in nature is essential. We believe in common sense and that by following certain rules everyone can have a great time. We wish everyone who is spending time outdoors a good time with many positive experiences!


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