In the footsteps of Emperor Maximilian

In the footsteps of Emperor Maximilian

500 years after his death, Emperor Maximilian I was particularly in the limelight during the anniversary year 2019. But also a year later there is the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the Emperor in the Achensee region, for example, with a visit of the Kaiser-Maximilian-Rast on the hiking trail from Achenkirch to the Köglalm.

Austria’s sovereign princes and crowned heads discovered Lake Achensee for fishing and hunting and laid the foundation for tourism development. However, in these times, tourism was reserved for a small aristocratic elite and their entourage. Emperor Maximilian had today’s Fürstenhaus built in Pertisau as a summer residence for his various hunting and fishing trips. A historical depiction – originally exhibited in the Austrian State Library – shows the emperor with his entourage on such a journey. A large replica of the painting is displayed in the staircase of the Fürstenhaus: chamois in the rugged mountains, an abundance of fish in the Lake Achensee, the Emperor on horseback and boats reminiscent of Venetian gondolas – all this conveys an impressive picture of the time the Emperor spent on at Lake Achensee.

The following quotation can be found in the hunting and fishing book that Maximilian had set up at that time and which is full of praise for Lake Achensee. The quote can be regarded as an entertainment tip as well as a briefing for the staff: “If a sovereign is looking for fun and entertainment, let the fishers know in advance so that they can prepare everything.” The resulting tourism tradition can still be experienced today. The unique blend of mountains and lake of the Achensee region will – as history shows – keep its charm for a long time to come.

Oversized imperial throne – on the hiking trail from Achenkirch to the Köglalm

In honour of Emperor Maximilian I, an oversized “Emperor Throne” was erected on the hiking trail from Achenkirch to the serviced Köglalm. It gives visitors the opportunity to feel like an emperor while taking in the fantastic view, but also ordinary people, varlets and court maids enjoy this viewing platform. The trail starts at the Fischerwirt in Achenkirch, leads through the underpass of the federal road and continues on a beautiful path through sparse woodland. The walking time is about one hour.

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