Golfing throughout the year

Golfing throughout the year

In Achensee the golf season spans the whole year since the golf simulators in the hotel Wiesenhof make it possible to play a round of golf even in the winter.

How does it work?

A golf simulator is a technical system which enables golfers to play a round, irrespective of the weather and time of day, in a modified room (indoor golf). Your actual golf swing is projected in a virtual golf course.
Just like on a real golf course there are challenges in the guise of obstacles such as water, sand and trees. The golf simulator provides completely realistic training conditions. You are provided with complete details such as ball flight, club head speed, distance and much more.
This means when it is icy and snowy you don’t have to forego a round of golf – and you get to enhance your performance in a superb golfing atmosphere.

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