Water sports paradise Achensee

Water sports paradise Achensee

Mountainbiken zwischen Berg und See ©TomKlocker

Crystal-clear water set against a backdrop of majestic mountains: There’s no need to travel to Emerald Lake in Canada or to the Aurlandsfjord in Norway. If you are looking for versatile water activities, Lake Achensee is your dream destination.

There’s always a breeze at Lake Achensee, and occasionally strong winds blow. The lake is 133 metres at its deepest point. In summer, the water reaches a maximum temperature of 22° C. Its reliable winds make Lake Achensee one of Austria’s best lakes for water sports. On some days, the wind even reaches force 5. Lake Achensee provides water sports enthusiasts of all abilities with everything they need to get into water sports. Tip: Plan your perfect day ahead and check the latest water and wind report.

Boards and sails
Sailing, surfing, kitesurfing, or standup paddle boarding? Lake Achensee offers a huge range of action-packed activities and the perfect infrastructure for water sports enthusiasts. There are numerous sailing, surfing and kitesurfing schools in all holiday villages surrounding the “Tirolean Sea” where you can hire water sports equipment and book courses with a pro. Standup paddle boarding (SUP) is a fun fitness activity where you stand on a board – similar to a large surfboard. You use a paddle to propel yourself through the water in a standing position, which is a great full-body workout.

Exploring the underwater worlds of Lake Achensee
Have you ever wondered what’s at the bottom of Tirol’s largest lake? Suit up and dive in! Lake Achensee has drinking water quality and on some days underwater visibility is up to ten metres, making it a popular destination for divers. The eastern part is especially worth exploring. Divers can go sightseeing close to the lakeshore, where all kinds of curiosities can be spotted under water, such as a statue of the Virgin Mary and a cable car gondola.

Canyoning, tubing and whitewater swimming
The streams in the Achensee region are challenging and definitely not for the faint-hearted! Canyoning, tubing and whitewater swimming are great activities to explore pristine remote areas. Negotiating the rapids requires courage and a thirst for adventure. But don’t worry – you’ll be accompanied by expert guides who know the area inside out.

Get hooked on fishing
Fishing is a wonderful pursuit for those who want to enjoy summer at Lake Achensee at a leisurely and unhurried pace. Perch, rainbow and brown trout, whitefish, and pike – the natural glacial lake has excellent water quality and is a true angling paradise.

Chilling out on the accessible lakeside
In the summer months, Lake Achensee is a very popular destination for swimming holidays. The bathing beaches in the villages offer the perfect infrastructure to bask in the sun. Lake Achensee is great for whiling the day away. Its entire shoreline is accessible and entices visitors to leisurely strolls. Beautiful spots along the way invite to linger and watch the sailors, surfers, and kitesurfers “dancing” on the water.


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Berg & See-4 ©Achensee Tourismus
Segeln am Achensee
kitesurfen boomt am Achensee
lonely surfer on the Achensee