5-summit via ferrata – a special nature experience

5-summit via ferrata – a special nature experience


The beauty of the unspoilt alpine world is unparalleled, especially if you are looking for new challenges off the beaten track. This is made possible by climbing routes that are designed and marked as via ferratas employing iron pins, steel cables and bolts. The Rofan mountains, which are known far beyond the borders as a climbing paradise, offer a special kind of mountain tour: The Achensee 5-summit via ferrata offers beginners and advanced climbers almost unlimited nature experiences.

Climbers are well advised to plan ahead and learn about the characteristics of the respective via ferratas. Seasoned climbers can of course venture out on their own, another option is to enrich the adventure by booking an experienced mountain guide.

The journey up the mountain with the Rofan cable car lets you enjoy beautiful views of Tirol’s largest lake before tackling the first via ferrata. At 2192 metres high, the Haidachstellwand is the lowest peak of the 5-summit tour and the perfect starting point. The route leads mostly downhill and is ideal to practice safety techniques and your climbing skills in preparation for the following peaks. The route is graded between B and C. Route difficulty is measured on a V scale ranging from A (easy) to E (extremely difficult), giving visitors a rough overview of the individual sections. The extensive via ferrata has exit points after each stage, letting climbers choose which summit they want to climb. The entire 5-summit via ferrata takes about 6 to 8 hours.

Situated in the panorama of the Rofan mountains, the Rosskopf (2246 m) is the second and longest section of the 5-summit via ferrata. With difficulties between A and C you quickly scramble up the rock face, enjoying the unique natural landscape from the top. From the Seekarlspitze (2261 m) and the Spieljoch (2236 m) you have a breathtaking view of the landscape of the Dalfazer Wände and the Lange Gasse.

The highest peak of the Rofan, the Hochiss, is the crowning glory of your climbing adventure: The route climbs up to an altitude of 2299 metres and the effort is rewarded with breathtaking views of the Rofan mountains and part of the Karwendel. The Streichkopf, the Steinerne Tor and the Dalfazjoch are also natural attractions along the tour. The return route leads past the Gschöllkopf back to the top station of the Rofan cable car.

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