Being mindful when mountain climbing

Being mindful when mountain climbing

Imagine! Early in the morning on a warm summer day – the birds are chirping – a clear and fresh morning air surrounds you and the rock you intend to climb is already in sight. Nothing stands in the way of the perfect climbing day… or does it? People who didn’t park their car in the allocated space, the roadside littered with rubbish and loud music drowning out the soothing sounds of the forest. A perfect climbing day and a peaceful coexistence requires certain rules of conduct in the mountains and its surroundings.

Do it for yourself, and be considerate of others and the environment.

Being mindful of nature, however, means much more and accompanies us at all times. You can find more information on this website or in the notes on Facebook under Achensee – Tirols Sport & Vital Park.


31.05.2021 13:46

FK_1905_Achensee_Klettercamp (76)
Alpines Sportklettern an der Rotspitze im Rofan
Climbing at the Rotspitz in the Rofan Mountains©Tom Klocker