Facts & figures

Here we provide you with an overview of some facts & figures about the holiday region of Achensee – short and sweet.

Achensee is a natural lake created by glaciers.

  • Volume – water content: 481 million m³
  • Surface area: 6.8km²
  • Length: 9km
  • Width: max. 1.3km
  • Depth: 133m
  • Circumference: 21.3km
  • Earth’s curvature: 1.38m
  • Theoretical water renewal: 1.9 years
  • Originated: over some 20,000 years ago as a terminal moraine-dams lake after the last Ice Age
  • Water quality: very good
  • Surface area of the entire Achensee region: 390km²

Total kilometres covered by hiking trails: 500km of signposted hiking trails

  • Easy hiking trails: 114km
  • Moderate difficulty level ‘red’ hiking trails: 285km
  • Difficult ‘black’ hiking trails: 101km
  • Highest mountain in the holiday region of Achensee: Sonnjoch in the Karwendel mountains, 2457m

The biggest interconnected conservation area in the Northern Lime Stone Alps and the biggest nature park in Austria.
Total surface area: 920km²
Prices for the toll roads into the “Falzthurn-” and the “Gern” valley in Pertisau:
Motorbike, scooter: EUR 3.50
Car: EUR 5.00 and car with an AchenseeCard: EUR 4.50
Bus per person: EUR 0.80
1 week ticket: EUR 15.00
2 weeks ticket: EUR 20.00
3 weeks ticket: EUR 30.00

  • Overall kilometres covered by cycle routes: around 180km
  • Overall kilometres covered by mountain bike routes: 250km
  • Blue: 35km
    Red: 185km
    Black: 30km
  • long distance cycle route München Venezia – bicycle pleasure trip from the alps past the holiday region of Achensee to the adria
    Total length: 560km
  • Achensee is an E-Bike region: 13 hire stations + E-bike village Wiesing

Overall kilometres covered by 23 running routes: 183km
Blue: 26.5km
Red: 78.5km
Black: 78km

Available with a valid fishing permit.

  • Card issuing online at Achensee Experiences or at the offices: Welcome-CENTER Achensee in Maurach or Gasthof Fischerwirt in Achenkirch
  • Types of fish: Seabass, pike, brown trout, minnow, bullhead, rainbow trout, whitefish, roach, tenches, lake trout, Arctic char, burbots

Fly fishing

  • Card issuing online at hejfish.com
  • types of fish: brown trout, rainbow trout, bullhead

Climbing routes in the Rofan mountains and some also in the Karwendel

  • Number of climbing gardens/climbing areas (incl. Alpine areas): 12
    Proportion of easy routes: (UIAA 2 – 5) 30%
    Proportion of difficult routes: (UIAA 6 – 8) 40%
    Proportion of extreme routes: (UIAA 9 – 11) 30%
  • Number of via ferrata: 8
  • Detailed information available at www.climbers-paradise.com/achensee

4 Ski areas and 2 practice terrains

  • Hochalmlifte Christlum in Achenkirch – 27km – blue: 6km, red: 16km, black: 5km
  • Rofanseilbahn in Maurach – 11km – blue: 1km, red: 8km, black: 2km
  • Karwendel-Bergbahn in Pertisau – 12km – blue: 6km, red: 6km
  • Planberg- und Wiesen lift in Pertisau – 1km – blue: 1km
  • Rofanlifte in Steinberg – 1km – blue: 0,3km, red: 0,7km
  • Astenberg Lift in Wiesing – 1km – blue: 1km

Overall kilometres of pistes in the region: 53km pistes
Blue: 15,3km
Red: 30,7km
Black: 7km
Longest ski run in the region: Rofan valley run at 6km

1 cabin cable car
1 pulsed movement gondola lift
6 chair lifts, 7 T-bar lifts, 4 pommel lifts, 5 rope tow lifts, 3 conveyors

Achenkirch: 27 kilometres of pistes
Maurach: 5.6 hectares snow-covered area – 2 kilometres of pistes
Pertisau: 1 kilometre piste snow-covered

Overall kilometres for cross-country skiing: 211,5km classic and skating

  • Classic slopes: 111km
    Difficulty levels: black: 22.5km, red: 41km, blue: 47.5km
  • Skating slopes: 100,5km
    Difficulty levels: black: 22.5km, red 35km, blue: 43km
  • Adaptive nordic skiing: 45km spread over the villages Achenkirch, Maurach and Pertisau
  • Snow-making facilities in Pertisau, Achenkirch and Maurach: around 40km can be covered with artificial snow
  • Dog trails: 2km in Pertisau

  • Achenkirch: 3.5 km, Christlum toboggan run, only illuminated on Wednesday
  • Maurach: 1.5km, illuminated
  • Pertisau:
    Pertisau toboggan run: 1.5km, illuminated
    Zwölferkopf toboggan run: 4.8km
  • Steinberg: 800m, illuminated
  • Wiesing: 3km, Breitlahn toboggan run illuminated

Overall kilometres covered by winter hiking trails: 150km

Number of ice rinks: 3 (Achenkirch, Maurach, Wiesing) – the one in Maurach is an artificial ice rink 

Snow-biking, snow-kiting, snowboarding, snow-shoe hiking, bagjump, horse-riding, kite surfing, inline skating, climbing, paragliding, SUP, Nordic walking, beach volleyball, tennis

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