Steinberg - Vorderunutz - Schönjochalm

Important Infomation

Route Length
17.1 km
altitude meters uphill
1713 hm
highest point
2087 hm
Route Time Total
07:30 h
Starting Point: Steinberg, Rofanlifte
End Point: Steinberg, Rofanlifte
Route Type: Roundtrip

Altitude Profile


Some 50 m to the south east of the lift car park, turn left into the road that crosses and walk towards the  “Schönjochalm” to the “Gfaßsattel” (wayside shrine). At the wayside shrine, walk right along the road and take the path to the “Kotalm”. From there, walk to the front “Vorderunutz”. On the way back, you then go via the eastern path down, passed the meadow slope and down to the left towards “Kögljoch”. There the path takes you back off to the left to the “Schönjochalm”. From there the forest track then continues as far as the lift car park in Steinberg.