Steinberg - Short Gaismoosstollen Loop Trail

Important Infomation

Route Length
5.4 km
altitude meters uphill
194 hm
highest point
1076 hm
Route Time Total
02:30 h
Starting Point: Steinberg, Pfarrkirche
End Point: Steinberg, Pfarrkirche
Route Type: Roundtrip

Altitude Profile


From the Steinberg parish church, head to the north, walk past the two houses on the left and continue downwards to the „Mühlbach“ until you reach the road. Follow the road until you reach the so-called “Loch”. From there, the path turns right and crosses a small bridge. Walk around the barrier and follow the path along the “Grundache” to the next bridge. Keep to the right and walk through the tunnel to the junction signposted “Holzermahdweg”. Walk across the “Gaismoosbach” and keep to the right until you reach the forest road. Turn right again and walk through the forest until you reach the asphalt road. Keep to the right and walk back to the Steinberg parish church.