A winter with lots of highlights

Winter in Achensee provides lots of events which have a lot to offer. Whether it is the traditional New Year’s Eve swim, or the Achensee Aufstieg – each event provides something special.
Achensee 3-Täler-Lauf: auf dem Weg zur Falzturn Alm

The events start off every year with the New Year’s Eve swim in Pertisau. Participants take the plunge on 31st December into the ice-cold Achensee and there is a hard-fought battle for the best time. The New Year’s Eve swim is not only a crowd-pleaser, it is also very popular among those who take part. Every year more than 70 participants take the plunge into the cold waters and into the New Year.

New Year in Achensee begins every year with the Raiffeisen-Steinöl-Trophy in Achenkirch, when cross-country skiers compete to do the best time. With the Raiffeisen Steinöl Trophy and the Achensee 3-Valleys-Run in March, which takes cross-country runners from Pertisau into the Karwendel valleys, Achensee also proves its pioneering role as a venue for national and international sports events.

Another winter highlight in Achensee is the Achensee Ski tour camp, which will take place on the 31st January unit 1st February 2015 for the first time. Experienced mountain guides will teach the best way to behave properly on the mountain. Guided tours and material tests are included.

As well as these highlights there are many smaller events which take place at Achensee throughout the winter, such as brass band concerts, association events, ‘Zipflbob’ races, Mardi Gras celebrations and many more. You can learn more about these events in our event calendar.

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