Achensee Attack

Every year on the first Saturday in August a pirate battle gathers together everyone at Achensee.
Scene of the crime – the contested bay at the bathing beach in Buchau. During ‘Achensee Attack – Battle of Pirates’, battle commences from 1.00 p.m. for the control of the mighty ‘Black Benedikt’.   

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On 3rd August 2013
is Captain Jack Lago looking for new crew for his notorious pirate ship, the “Black Benedikt”. He can only set sail if he finds a team of between five and six able companions. Hence the appeal to all local people and holidaymakers to join together in groups of this size and line up to do battle against one another. Two clans gauge their strengths against one another in eliminators until the new ruler of the ship is determined.
Incidentally, it’s also worth getting creative. As well as the best pirate crew, the team which has the most imaginative outfits will win a prize. Afterwards the victors, fellow campaigners and spectators come together at the big pirate barbecue party at the lake.
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