12.11.2022  20:00 - 22:00
20,00 €
Altes Widum
Altes Widum
6215 Achenkirch
Kulturverein Achensee

The three actors Thomas Gassner, Bernhard Wolf and Markus Oberrauch sweep through the Old and New Testaments, slip into many characters, and show what you can do with a small stage. A divine comedy.

The Bible. With its 1,189 chapters, the Book of Books is truly not a handy pocketbook. The Old Testament alone comprises 39 books. But if you can squeeze the Word of God between two book covers, then you can also bring it on a theatre stage. At least that is what the three actors Thomas Gassner, Markus Oberrauch and Bernhard Wolf and director Susi Weber are convinced of. In the process, the Holy Scripture turns out to be a real test of versatility for the three actors. They have to act, sing and dance, slipping into many characters.