Achensee Xtreme – Hike & Fly

Achensee Xtreme – Hike & Fly on 2 October 2021 in Pertisau is a spectacular paragliding event featuring a climb to lofty heights followed by a paragliding flight to the valley. The challenge pushes athletes to their physical and mental limits: The climb up the 1,491-metre high Zwölferkopf and the action-packed flight to the valley are a test of speed, endurance and strength. Spectators can watch the excitement from the mountain or from the valley.

Achensee Xtreme Hike and Fly
Achensee Xtreme Hike and Fly
Paragleiter über dem Achensee
Paragleiter über dem Achensee
Erlebnis Paragleiten im Sonnenuntergang
Erlebnis Paragleiten im Sonnenuntergang
Achensee Xtreme Hike and Fly
Achensee Xtreme Hike and Fly
Profi Paragleiter Stefan Gruber
Profi Paragleiter Stefan Gruber
Logo Achensee Xtreme Hike and Fly
Logo Achensee Xtreme Hike and Fly


Exciting mountain running combined with impressive flight experiences will be the event highlights for participants and spectators alike.

Ideal conditions for paragliding at the Achensee Sports & Vitality Park
The prize money for the winners of Achensee Xtreme – Hike & Fly will be EUR 1,000. There will also be attractive prizes for amateurs: The three flight times that come closest to the average value of all flights will receive vouchers for overnight stays at Lake Achensee, for clothing, wellness, massages and for the Atoll Achensee. Another motivation for the participants: The competition will include a category for the best average times where great high-quality material prizes can be won. The Achensee Xtreme 2021 event follows the Olympic precept that it’s the taking part that counts. For the first time this year there will also be a team classification with great material prizes. One team consists of three participants who fight for the best overall time. The registration of a team takes place directly on site.

  • Programme
    • 8.00 – 9.00 Registration in the start/finish area at the car park Karwendel cable car in Pertisau
    • 10.00 Briefing of the participants
    • 11.00 Start
    • Afterwards awards ceremony and aftershow party in the start/finish area. Food and drinks will be available.
  • Registration & Details

    Participation fee is EUR 30 per person.
    Please register by filling in the form below. Online registrations are possible from November 2020.
    On-site registration is possible on 2nd October 2021 in the start/finish area.

    Various scores:

    • Race classification: prize money for the fastest 5 participants
    • Ladies classification: Material prizes for the fastest 3 ladies
    • Medium time classification: prizes in kind for the best 3 participants (the three flight times closest to the average of all flights)
    • Team classification: Material prizes for the best 3 teams (one team consists of three participants fighting for the best total time)


    Participation requirements:
    Every pilot must have a valid A-license and FAI sports license. The paraglider must be accredited, max. EN-D, covered by liability insurance and adjusted to the pilot’s take-off weight. Helmet, rescue parachute and harness (certified) with back protector are mandatory. Each pilot must confirm the conditions of participation with their signature.

    The organizer as well as landowners/owners of the take-off and landing zone do not assume any liability towards the pilots or third parties. Participation in the competition, transfer, retrieval and supporting programme is at your own risk.

  • Route

    The participants have to run a total distance of 4.3 kilometres, covering 550 metres of elevation. The route starts at the parking lot of the Karwendel cable car, leads via the Rodlhütte and then up the tunnel path towards the Bärenbadalm mountain hut to the Zwölferkopf. On the top, the athletes will step into their paragliding harness and fly down to Pertisau. Next, they have to complete another run up a little hillside, followed by a short flight to the final landing place in front of the Hotel Bergland. The last few metres back to the starting point at the car park of the Karwendel cable car are covered running.

    Click here to view the detailed route.

Paragliding hotspot: Lake Achensee has the perfect infrastructure
Various flight schools in the Achensee region offer courses where experts teach theoretical knowledge, practical paragliding skills and paragliding safety. With its large water surface, Lake Achensee provides the ideal training environment. Many of the flight schools have powerful boats which are used for special trainings and in emergencies. Professionals and amateurs alike will find the proper advice on technique and equipment at Lake Achensee. A list of flight schools and experience providers can be found here.

Achensee Xtreme offers spectators and fans a spectacular flying event over and around Lake Achensee. The entire run or flight route can be viewed from the start and finish (Karwendel cable car park) or directly from the Zwoelferkopf.
The event will be organized by the Aero Club Achensee together with X-alps participant Stephan Gruber.