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Back to the roots!

Barefoot hike in the Unterautal

Digging your bare toes in the earth, moving through the knee-deep water of a stream, walking over the forest floor: Exploring nature barefoot is a very special experience. The "barefoot hike" leads through the untouched and idyllic Unterautal valley in Achenkirch. The experience is not so much about hiking but rather about perceiving, feeling, and touching natural resources: grass, earth, moss, stones, roots, and water. Moving barefoot slowly and deliberately lets you make a lasting connection with nature.

This discovery tour in nature is designed for barefoot beginners, which means that we stroll leisurely and gently through the valley while enjoying the surroundings. Not only is walking barefoot fun, but it also has some healthy “side effects”: It improves blood circulation in your legs, strengthens your muscles, ligaments and joints and even boosts your immune system.

Good to know

  • Dates: 12 July 2022 & 19 July 2022, 02 August 2022 & 16 August 2022
  • Cost: Participation fee is EUR 19.00 for adults, and EUR 7.50 for children.
  • Registration & group size: Pre-booking is required. Registrations must be received by 17.30 online at the Achensee experience shop or by phone at +43 (0) 595300-0 on the day before the tour. Group size: maximum 15 people.
  • Essential equipment: This tour requires sturdy shoes for the approach, weather appropriate clothing, sunscreen, and a towel. The barefoot hike through the Unterautal valley is a guided, easy walk offered on selected days in July and August (weather dependent).
  • Important: Please consult your physician if you suffer from a disease that affects your feet, such as diabetes.
  • For route details,​​​​​​​ visit our interactive map at maps.achensee.com.

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