Avalanche educational trail

The avalanche educational trail in the Rofan mountains in Maurach provides important information on the proper behaviour in the open terrain and how to use avalanche transceivers. Seven stations explain potential dangers when skiing off-piste and give advice how to minimize your exposure to risk. The trail is also intended for snowshoers who explore alpine terrain. 


Covering a length of 2 kilometres and an elevation gain of 200 metres, the trail provides valuable and live-saving know-how. Located adjacent to the Rofan cable car at an elevation of 1,800 metres, seven interpretive panels explain snow conditions, types of terrain and avalanches. The aim is to provide backcountry skiers with knowledge and decision-making skills necessary to minimize their exposure to risk in the outdoors. The avalanche educational trail was built in cooperation with the sports outfitter ORTOVOX.

Seven stations lead to the peak of the trail

Let’s go! The first station features a safety checkpoint where you can test the functionality of your avalanche transceiver. Important: when planning a tour, always check the current avalanche bulletin online at www.lawine.at

The second station teaches important know-how on the basics of avalanches and how to minimize risks.

Avalanche basics:

  1. What is the basic emergency avalanche equipment?
  2. How do avalanches form?
  3. Conditions for a slab avalanches
  4. Safety and distances between skiers

Weather conditions such as wind, precipitation and temperature have a huge influence on the snowpack and therefore contribute to the creation of avalanches.

Important weather conditions are 

  • Wind
  • Precipitation
  • Temperature
  • Danger of avalanches

The form of slopes, exposure and gradient have an important influence on the formation of avalanches.

Please note: A critical avalanche situation often refers to all kinds of exposure!

When planning tours:

  • Check the terrain and the form of the slope
  • Check the exposure of the slopes / risky slopes
  • Pay attention to alarm signals in the terrain

Maps, pendulums or apps: There are various methods to measure slope gradients.

Measure slope angles

1. With a map
2. With a pendulum
3. With an app
4. Hands-on practice on the mountain

How to use emergency equipment: Now every second counts and every move has to be right – because that can save lives in an emergency.

After an avalanche has come down:

  • Every minute counts
  • Remember the location where the person disappeared
  • Call the rescue services: European emergency number of 112
  • Set avalanche transceiver to search
  • Begin search in the area where the person disappeared or where the avalanche ended

Only those who follow the rules of nature both on the ascent and the descent, show consideration and pay attention, can move safely in the terrain – and enjoy the powder!

At the peak of the educational trail you will learn the basic rules of conduct for ascents and descents.

The avalanche educational trail starts below the Mauritzalm.
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Length: 1.9 kilometres
Elevation gain: 240 metres
Click here to view details on maps.achensee.com.

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