Wind- & kitesurfing at Lake Achensee

Catch the wind and ride on a board over the Tirolean Sea!

Kitesurfen am Achensee

Kitesurfen am Achensee

What windsurfing and kitesurfing have in common is the exhilarating feeling of letting the wind carry you over the waves. Both are fast-paced activities that involve holding on to a sail or kite and keeping your balance in the water. Lake Achensee has the requisite thermals and infrastructure, making it a popular destination for both sports.

But what is the difference between windsurfing and kitesurfing?

  • In kitesurfing you are attached to both the board and the sail. The board is much shorter, and with the kite flying in the wind it is even possible to perform turns and jumps, floating weightlessly over the water between the Rofan and Karwendel mountains.
  • In windsurfing the sail is attached to the board and not to the surfer. At a length of over two metres, a windsurfing board is also much longer than a kitesurfing board, which is about 1.4 metres long.

Lake Achensee has excellent wind conditions for surfer. The light southerly wind (1-2 Beaufort scale) in the morning and the strong northerly wind (3-5 Beaufort scale) in the afternoon require strength, coordination and bravery to manoeuvre the boards over the water. Have a look at the current water temperature and wind situation on our site.

The infrastructure at Lake Achensee provides surfers of all abilities with everything they need to get out on the water. The holiday region Achensee have water sports schools where you can hire equipment and book courses with professional instructors.

21.12.2021 13:29