Our little mascot – Wusel the water spirit

Wusel the water spirit is the little mascot for the holiday region of Achensee and accompanies children during their adventures on the lake. Learn more about his own personal story here.


Wusel the water spirit in search of the crystal

In the clear, blue brook between the mountains lives the little water spirit Wusel. Right at the bottom he has a castle and his kingdom lies all around.
He had just returned from a trip to see his relatives in the hamlets near the main town and he liked what he saw there. What a splendid hall made out of glistening crystals his aunts and uncles had! It was here that they celebrated and held lots of fun water parties.

‘A perfect ceremonial room like this is something every water spirit should have’, was a key lesson from an uncle. ‘If you don’t have one then you have to leave your home right away and take the brook with you – that’s how it is!’
Ah, moving away, no, Wusel really didn’t want that – he loved the mountains so much! And what would all his animal friends have to say about that?
But … his own ceremonial room has never been completed –Wusel preferred to play in and on the water, idling around, getting into mischief, as opposed to building walls and decorating. And to complete the room he needed just one single crystal. Although this had to be bigger, more beautiful and more lustrous …
There was therefore much haste. He had once heard about a crystal treasure trove here in his area; there was a legend which talked about it. But how could he find it quickly alone and without any help?
The little water spirit couldn’t count on assistance from the fish; they are very taciturn fellows. And the frogs? They’re only interested in flies. Crystals? Not in the slightest. Butterflies maybe! They were flighty, but they loved glitzy things, they might help him. But they weren’t hungry for adventure – and much too delicate to pitch in.

‘Who in the world is full of beans, strong and clever in one?’, Wusel asked himself, ‘and above all as curious as I am?’.
It was suddenly crystal-clear to him, since there were these little people who always wanted to tempt him out of his hideaway at the brook with stones, fishing lines and hooting … what were they called? ‘It’s coming to me now’, shouted Wusel, ‘I have it now – munchkins! – No, what are they called –

‘CHILDREN! Yes, children, that’s it! THEY should help me with my search!’

It so happens that water spirits are by nature very shy creatures and they are loath to reveal themselves to people. They always have good ideas and so does Wusel. He decided to first write to the children from a safe distance and outline his difficulty. Of course a water spirit doesn’t do such a thing with envelopes and stamps and not even via SMS, but by a message in a bottle…

And this is what the message to the children said:

Dear children,
I am Wusel, the little water spirit, and I live here in the brook. There is something I still need to make me happy – a splendid crystal for my ceremonial hall! If my hall is not finished I will have to move away and take the ‘Tiroler Bachl’ brook with me.
Would you help me look for this legendary giant crystal?
Wusel also promised a reward. ‘If we find the crystal you will also get a surprise! You will then also be the only ones who really get to know Wusel the water spirit.’

This all sounded exciting! And so began the mysterious pursuit for the hidden crystal  – also in the children’s programme at Lake Achensee.
Wusel the water sprit was selected in 2009 as the motto of Family Tirol. The Achensee region has taken on Wusel the water spirit as a little mascot for the children’s programme.

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