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Throughout the region there are countless opportunities to go running. 183 kilometres of routes have been very well signposted to make it easy for you to get your bearings.

running directly near the lake - here at the lakeside promenade in Pertisau

There are 23 signposted routes in Achensee, some sections of which can also be combined. 19 of the 23 routes are very well suited to Nordic Walkers. The routes are subdivided into difficulty levels and colours:

  • 78 kilometres, black – difficult
  • 78.5 kilometres, red – moderately difficult
  • 26.5 kilometres blue – easy

The runners go high up into the mountains on the route which proceeds from Buchau via Dalfaz Alm at 1692 metres, to Erfurter Hütte at 1831 metres.
All the routes can be found in our interactive maps, with details of lengths, metres altitude and difficulty levels.

These links take you to the route descriptions of the running routes in the Achensee region.