Climbing areas in Achensee

An overview of all the climbing areas in the region can be found here. Detailed information and topos for the individual areas are available in the climbing folder and at

Klettern am Rotspitz mit herrlichen Blick auf den See

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Climbing in the Rofan mountains

  • Beginners and family-friendly climbing gardens
    • Mauritzalm
      A small practice massif just below Mauritzalm. The four short, difficulty levels 3 and 4, around eight metre high climbs, are particularly suitable for children, beginners and for rope technique training.
    • Grubastiege
      Lovely 15 metre high platy rock faces next to the path to the Rofan summit. The cliff is strewn with water grooves and provides seven routes of moderate difficulty levels.
    • Grubaplatte
      Lovely rock slab eaten away by the water on the path to the Rofan summit. The routes require good footwork and are ideal for getting accustomed to rock slab climbing.
  • Climbing gardens
    • Grauwand
      Climbing garden in a lovely location beneath the Rofan cable car. The 35 routes take you via the best limestone rock faces and are up to 25 meters high.
    • Chalet 
      South-facing, small climbing area with really steep routes in good crags.
  • Alpine sports climbing areas
    • Haidachstellwand
      Almost all the routes, predominantly on the SSW-facing shoulder of the Haidachstellwand, have no bolts. However there are only a few decent secure points affixed to key positions, which means that it is essential to bring friends and chockstones. This area is only suitable for experienced climbers.
    • Klobenjoch
      Superb climbing in the best crags on a sunny south-facing rock face close to Dalfaz Alm.
    • Rotspitze
      This red-coloured cornerstone is one of the most popular mountains in the Rofan massif to climb. Though the difficulty level is moderate, the rock faces are very steep.
    • Hochissplatte
      The Issplatten provide slab climbing with up to four rope lengths. The Issplatten are located to the south of the Hochiss and can be seen from quite a distance.

Climbing in the Karwendel

  • Alpine sports climbing area Lamsenjoch
    • Lamsenspitze
      The Lamsenspitze is the predominant rocky summit in this area. Its rock faces drop steeply to the north and the east to around 400 metres. The routes in the right section of the eastern rock face provide excellent cliffs in the lower section, but end after a few rope lengths in the much used north-east edge.
    • Lamsenhüttenturm
      With its striking jagged edges this is a landmark in the Lamsenjoch area. It breaks up the kar with its 250 metre steep north-facing rock face. The crags are in part somewhat “karwendel-like”, that is, they are not always sturdy.
    • Rotwandlspitze
      A multi-summited mountain ridge which proceeds from the Steinkarl peak westwards towards the Hüttenturm. On the 200 metre high north-east facing rock face there is a real network of routes providing a variety of challenges.
    • Mitterkarlspitze
      This is where the best rocks in the Lamsenjochhütte area are located. While the new routes are very well secured, the routes from the 1980s demand a lot of your climbing ability and of your conviction.
    • Elfenbeinpfeiler climbing garden
      Small south-facing rock belt in a ridge between Hüttenturm and Lamsenspitze. The routes provide wonderful climbing on, for the most part, two rope lengths.
  • Climbing gardens
    • Gramai (climbing garden)
      Ten new routes around 20 minutes away from the mountain hut “Gramaialm”. All routes are south facing and have the difficulty 4th to 8th UIAA difficulty rate.

Climbing gardens in the valley

  • Achenseehof
    • Achenseehof
      Located in the valley, easy to access, this climbing garden offers 20 routes of 9 to 18 meters in difficulty, level: 3b to 4b
  • Bärenkopf
    • Bärenkopf
      Small climbing area above the larch meadows in the town of Maurach. The tours are moderate difficulty level routes. This means beginners also really get to enjoy themselves.