Rofan tour

The Rofan tour is a challenging multi-day hike where you explore the Brandenberg Alps in four stages and spend the night in comfortable mountain huts. The tour covers a distance of approx. 30 kilometres and is perfect for those who enjoy hiking on rugged terrain and climbing exhilarating summits.

im Rofangebirge - einsame Almhütte bei der Köglalm in Achenkirch

Offering routes in all difficulty levels, the Rofan mountains are a popular destination for hikers and climbers alike. Many famous mountaineers have climbed in the Rofan mountains, among them Mathias (Hias) Rebitsch and Peter Habeler. Together with Sepp Spiegl, Hias Rebitsch was the first to climb the difficult east face of the Rofanspitze, the so-called Rebitsch/Spiegl crack.

Hikers can explore a large part of the Rofan terrain in four stages. The first stage is a rather short and leisurely tour, followed by long and demanding stages. The entire tour affords beautiful views of Lake Achensee, the “Tirolean Sea”, and the surrounding mountains, creating memories to last a lifetime. The tour requires experience in alpine terrain, sure-footedness and a head for heights. Tour planning and good preparation are essential. 

14.07.2021 10:30