Guidelines for safe summer holidays at Lake Achensee

Only travel when you’re healthy, follow the code of conduct, and keep your distance. That’s how it works.

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Despite the coronavirus, holidays and recreational activities may take place in the Achensee holiday region, provided that everyone follows the rules and regulations. We’ve rounded up the general conditions and recommendations for you.

Basic requirements

Observe hygiene etiquette

  • Simple hygiene measures help to protect yourself and others from infection with the coronavirus

Distance rules

  • 1-m distance rules are abolished

Mandatory mask wearing

  • Everywhere, where according to the previous rule a mouth-nose-protection was intended (stores and services of the daily need, public means of transport) a FFP2 mask duty applies now. In addition, FFP2 masks are also mandatory for non-vaccinated persons in enclosed areas of various shopes, e.g. textiles. However, for general safety we recommend this also for vaccinated persons.

Tested – vaccinated – recovered

  • Your entrance card is a negative test result, a vaccination certificate, or a proof that you have recovered from COVID-19. Children under the age of 12 are exempt from presenting a test result

Obligation to register

  • Guests must register upon entry to catering, lodging, and recreational establishments.

Entry requirements

The following proofs must be presented on entering gastronomic businesses (restaurants, bars, cafés, etc.), accommodations, attractions, leisure centres, and events:

Officially recognised negative test results for the specified period, i.e.:

  • Proof from an authorised body of a negative result of a PCR test (validity: 72 hours)
  • Proof from an authorised body (test lane, pharmacy, etc.) of a negative result of an
    result of an antigen test (validity: 24 hours)
  • Proof of an antigen test for self-testing which is recorded in an official data system (validity: 24 hours)
  • Self-tests under supervision at a facility, but valid only for the duration of the individual stay/entry.

Click here to view testing facilities in the Achensee region.

  • A certificate of isolation, if issued for a person who has been confirmed as having SARS-CoV-2 in the six months prior to the scheduled testing.
  • Medical confirmation of a molecular biology-confirmed infection that has occurred in the last six months.
  • Proof of neutralising antibodies (antibody test), which must not be older than three months.

Proof of vaccination

  • The second vaccination is valid as proof for 360 days from the second vaccination.
  • Vaccines where only one vaccination is provided (e.g. from Johnson & Johnson) are valid for a total of 270 days from the date of vaccination, starting on the 22nd day after vaccination.
  • For previously recovered individuals who have been vaccinated once, the vaccination is valid for 270 days from the date of vaccination.
  • The third vaccination (or second vaccination in the case of single-use vaccines and convalescents) is valid for 360 days. There must be at least 14 days between the first and second vaccination, and at least 120 days between the second and third vaccination.

Detailed requirements for businesses

A FFP2 mask must be worn when entering public places in enclosed spaces.
A FFP2 mask must be worn in enclosed spaces when using cabs and taxi-like operations, cable and rack railroads, means of mass transportation and in the associated stations, platforms, stops, stations and airports and their respective connecting structures.

  • Guests (12 years and older) must present a valid negative test result, proof of vaccination, or confirmation of having had COVID-19 disease
  • Registration requirement for guests
  • NO mandatory masks for guests, both indoor and outdoor
  • Closing hours are lifted
  • All guests must present a negative test result, a vaccination certificate, or a proof that they have recovered from COVID-19
  • All guests must register and provide their contact details
  • Wearing the FFP2 mask is mandatory in various cultural institutions for unvaccinated persons
  • All guests must present a negative test result, a vaccination certificate, or a proof that they have recovered from COVID-19
  • All guests must register and provide contact details
  • NO mandatory masks for guests indoor and outdoor
  • Hotel restaurants, breakfast rooms, etc. are subject to the same regulations as all gastronomic businesses.
  • Wellness and spa operations are subject to the same regulations as leisure facilities


Austria is among the countries that carry out the most tests in the world. Only if we continue to test people regularly we can detect positive cases early and interrupt the chain of infection. All employees in the tourism sector are tested regularly and on an ongoing basis. We recommend wearing an FFP2 mask everywhere where it is obligatory.



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