Lake Achensee’s craft baker

Lake Achensee’s craft baker

Bäckerei Adler ©Andreas Friedle

The Adler bakery in Achenkirch is a 4th generation family owned business with 100 years of artisan baking history. Master baker Alexander Adler focuses on time and quality. Every bread recipe is rooted in tradition, every type of bread has its own origin and special seasoning, and for every type of bread a separate dough is made. Therefore every bread tastes exactly like it’s supposed to taste.

Baking demonstration in Achenkirch
Every week Alexander Adler organizes a baking demonstration and provides a deeper insight into his craft. Visitors have the opportunity to watch how the master baker makes bread rolls, salt sticks and croissants from white bread dough while he talks about the baking process and shares interesting facts. For example, why do handmade rolls taste better than machine made rolls? “A machine made bread roll has a surface – whether you cut the star into it or press it in. With the handmade bread roll, the folding of the dough increases the surface by a factor of three and a half. And because the taste is in the crust, hand rolls taste better.” Fascinated, several pairs of eyes follow as he makes a bread plait – and of course the baked products will be available for tasting.

During the baking demonstrations, Alexander Adler is in his element – while his trained hands briskly knead and pleat, he tells funny stories and interesting facts and has an answer ready for every question. The atmosphere is relaxed and cheerful, and in the end he has conveyed his passion for honest craftsmanship. No wonder his little son wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. But maybe he will become a firefighter, he doesn’t want to commit himself yet. Either way – it’s important to follow one’s passion, just like his father. And we can taste it!

Bread making course for beginners and advanced home baker
Of course, you can also join a bread making course. Alexander Adler will take you through the steps to successful bread-making, explaining the ingredients, tools and techniques. The bread is baked in conventional household ovens to guarantee that you can re-create the perfect loaf at home.

1 kg wheat flour 700
20 g salt
20 g baking malt
1/2 cube of yeast
550 ml water

Put the wheat flour, salt and baking malt in a bowl. Then crumble the yeast, add water and knead to a smooth, medium firm yeast dough. This will take about 8 – 10 minutes. Let the dough rest for about 20 minutes.

Now divide the dough into 65 g pieces and process the pieces into rolls. Make a nice round ball with a smooth surface. Let this ball rest for 15-20 minutes. Now dip the “bread press” in rye flour and press firmly on the ball. Place the bread roll on the baking tray with the good side down and let it rest there for about 10 minutes. Then turn it around, sprinkle with water and bake with plenty of steam at 220 degrees for approx. 18 minutes.

Steam can be produced by placing a fireproof dish on the bottom of the oven when pre-heating the oven. As soon as the rolls are placed into the oven, pour a lot of water or ice cubes into this dish and close the oven immediately. It is best not to open the oven during baking so that no steam can escape.


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Bäckerei Adler ©Andreas Friedle (27)
Bäckerei Adler ©Andreas Friedle (7)
Bäckerei Adler ©Andreas Friedle (13)
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