Indoor activities at Lake Achensee

Indoor activities at Lake Achensee

Die Panorama-Saunalandschaft im Atoll Achensee in Maurach genießen und sich verwöhnen lassen.

Cloudy or rainy days are no reason to be in low spirits during your holidays. In this article we share our tips for bad weather activities in the Achensee region. Delve into the region’s culture and history at our museums, relax indoors in a swimming pool or spa, or take a boat cruise on the lake.

Museums at Lake Achensee

  • At the Tiroler Steinöl Vitalberg visitor centre, which rises like a glass mountain in the village centre of Pertisau, you can learn everything about Tiroler Steinöl® (shale oil). The local elixir has been mined in the Karwendel mountains for many years. People from near and far swear by the “black gold”, which has beneficial, nurturing and even healing properties.
  • Also worth a visit is the Sixenhof, a typical Tirolean single farmhouse in Achenkirch, which today is a local history museum. Visitors can step back in time and experience what daily existence was like for people in the Achental. In the Christmas season, the centuries-old barn of the Sixenhof transforms into a nativity scene complete with life-size figures and live animals.
  • Located in the former rectory in Maurach, the Notburga museum is dedicated to Saint Notburga who lived in the 13th century and helped the poor, the sick and the needy. The museum lets you discover the wondrous history of Tirol’s only female saint, who was also the patron saint of servants and peasants.
  • The Achensee Museum Experience World was originally designed as a home for old tractors. Soon it turned into a whole museum world showcasing 80 vintage tractors and many regional cultural heritage objects. In addition, the museum features a doll workshop and a Christmas crib exhibition.

Relax, unwind, and sail across the lake

The Atoll Achensee is also a great “indoor experience”. In the modern leisure centre, you can relax in the Panorama-BAD and the Penthouse-SPA or you can work out in the BOULDER-Halle and the Lakeside-GYM. Splash around in the spacious fun and outdoor pools and treat yourself to a mouth-watering meal in the restaurant “Lagoon”. How about a delicious brunch or a cocktail on board the Achensee ships? Whatever the weather, sailing across the lake on the ships of the Achenseeschiffahrt is a must-do experience. And if it’s windy or rainy, find a seat below decks in the cozy indoor saloon and enjoy a leisurely cruise over the lake.

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Clothes chest by Ludwig Rainer at the Sixenhof © Tirol Werbung / Grössinger Michael
Notburgamuseum©AchenseeTourismus (2)