Hiking & excursions in rainy weather

Hiking & excursions in rainy weather

Die Naturlandschaft am Zwölferkopf ist bei jedem Wetter ein toller Anblick.

Every outdoor enthusiast knows the popular phrase “There is no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing.” Which is certainly true, because with the proper equipment and the right mindset, a rainy-day hike can become a memorable experience. Obviously, tours in high alpine terrain are not recommended in wet conditions, but there are many options for beautiful walks in the valley. Take a stroll along the shores of Lake Achensee, which has a unique mystical atmosphere when it rains. The Karwendel valleys are also magical to see in the rain, with clouds of mist drifting off the mountains. Rain changes the landscape around you, and if you explore mindfully, the natural world reveals its incredible features. A fat earthworm snaking across the path. A spider’s web where raindrops have gathered into jewel-like droplets, glistening even without sunshine. Fallen tree branches glowing mysteriously in the mist.

It goes without saying that rainy-day hikes require good planning and preparation. Check the current weather and hourly forecast, for example, on a weather app of your choice. To make your excursion enjoyable, be sure to wear warm, waterproof clothes and sturdy boots. Don’t let the rainy weather put a damper on your mood! Getting outside and exploring on a drizzly day means you get to see a whole other side of the natural surroundings of Lake Achensee, which are unique in any weather.

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18.10.2021 16:17